Yes… Quitting Smoking Is Easy

Written by Ginger Hines

Yes… Quitting Smoking Is Easy The Stop Smoking Hypnosis people.

We've heard about allrepparttar levels of disease we can manifest inrepparttar 150089 physical body fromrepparttar 150090 smoking habit so there is no sense even going there. Scare tactics never have and never will resolve any problem. What few acknowledge is most problems originate on an energy level. And solutions to problems are also on an energy level. That meansrepparttar 150091 focus on scare tactics is only makingrepparttar 150092 smoking habit stronger, locking a person into an almost phobia reaction to quitting. It also meansrepparttar 150093 solution, when approached from an energy level, isrepparttar 150094 only way to deal withrepparttar 150095 problem. Not everyone has experienced a traumatic event associated withrepparttar 150096 smoking habit. A good many persons resistant to quitting smoking have strong indicators for survival associated withrepparttar 150097 smoking habit. For example, one person was raped atrepparttar 150098 age of thirteen and started smoking afterrepparttar 150099 event. Every time she lit up, she replayedrepparttar 150100 event in her mind until many years later she wanted to stop doing this. The problem was every time she tried to quit smoking, she began choking replaying that old event fromrepparttar 150101 past, which meant she had to smoke or fear choking to death. The choking became a safety mechanism to remind her to avoid that fear mechanism.

Also death and dying seems to play a part in initiatingrepparttar 150102 smoking habit. Many persons begin smoking after a death of a loved one. This is a highly emotional time to be gotten through and many will report lighting one up to keep breathing throughrepparttar 150103 sometimes weeks of preparation for burial. And then find they can't quit because negative emotion has locked them into survival factors.

Let's take a look at some ofrepparttar 150104 messages we learn growing up that often as adults trip us up. These may sound silly and childish, they are however strong self programmed, self hypnotic messages:
"A car with one headlight is approaching. Hold your breath until it's passed. We shouted out a mental trigger, a word for initiating this process. Pididdle. So years laterrepparttar 150105 program may have been forgotten,repparttar 150106 body still replaysrepparttar 150107 message automatically, and we hold our breath untilrepparttar 150108 danger is past. Yes, danger because that is howrepparttar 150109 brain is taught to keep us safe. Yes there is no real danger in a car with one headlight. It doesn't matter whenrepparttar 150110 mind is trained to perceive a possible danger; it goes into automatic response until this nasty bit of self disciplined support is relayed as "I am safe now." Safe to light up another one without consciously knowing why a person is locked into doing so.
"Driving past a cemetery on either side ofrepparttar 150111 road. Hold your breath until past it. Years later a loved one takes us throughrepparttar 150112 release process and a cigarette becomes our best friend. At least when we're smoking , it's okay to breathe; make space for ourselves to breath, to get past that old bit of programming.
"Walking down a sidewalk, step on a crack; you'll break your mother's back unless you hold your breath.
"Marksmanship. Hold your breath for accuracy. The problem with this mechanism is we encounter daily problems where we attempt to be accurate in many different things and smoking takes some ofrepparttar 150113 pressure off that old bit of programming and makes it okay to breathe.

Reclaiming Your Life From Anxiety Symptoms

Written by Charles Linden

Only somebody who has lived with anxiety – as either a sufferer or a carer – knows how devastating it can be. The affect can be seen and felt across every aspect of your life for years and years.

So how does anxiety make you withdraw from life?

Basically, people with anxiety live their lives defensively, at a level where they are merely ‘coping’ instead of ‘embracing’. They are life’s ‘passengers’, passive in their emotional and physical relationship withrepparttar world around them - rather than ‘activists’ who engage with their surroundings and interact with people.

Now I want to share something with you that will probably – hopefully! – shock you.

Have you ever sat down with pen and paper and worked out how much time you spend feeling anxious every day of your life? An hour? Two? Four? Ten?!

If you spend even a single hour a day in anxious mode, that equates to 30 hours a month – that’s two ‘waking’ days every month where you could be playing withrepparttar 150088 kids, training for a marathon run, taking up a hobby, visiting old friends… LIVING your life. Instead, you’re wasting that valuable time on your anxiety.

At it’s worst, I know my anxiety had reachedrepparttar 150089 point where it took over 90% of my waking thoughts. It left me totally exhausted.

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