Year in Review: Top Ten Internet Businesses 2004

Written by John Evans

The internet boom hit a high mark in 2004. With old standbys and new emergences,repparttar top ten internet businesses 2004 show a variety of companies all with one thing in common: they have adapted well torepparttar 144719 World Wide Web. Many companies have difficulties and struggle amidst repparttar 144720 huge ocean ofrepparttar 144721 internet, especially since it is quite difficult to maintain a personal face. The companies inrepparttar 144722 top ten have not only succeeded inrepparttar 144723 business sense, they have invaded out daily life and have become a household name. From meagre beginnings, these top ten entrepreneur companies have mastered this new medium and are an inspirational to any budding entrepreneur interested in starting an internet based business.

The Internet search engine Google wasrepparttar 144724 top internet business of 2004. The world’s largest search engine receives over 200 million hits a day. Businesses pay Google to have an ad for their website appear torepparttar 144725 right side ofrepparttar 144726 user’s search. The paid advertising targets consumers seeking information. Google’s initial public offering gave it a market capitalisation of over $23 billion dollars, placing it between Yahoo and In addition to becoming an economic success,repparttar 144727 company’s name has invaded our language. The verb “google” entered repparttar 144728 dictionary with a definition meaning “to look someone or something up onrepparttar 144729 internet.” The essence of a truly successful business is not only one that makes money but also serves its clients torepparttar 144730 utmost potential.

The online auction site continued to expand its services and customer base throughout 2004. Asrepparttar 144731 industry leader it boasts over tens and millions of members and has websites in over 17 countries. generated over $3 billion in revenues off of a record $34 billion dollars in Gross Merchandise Volume. continues to berepparttar 144732 world’s number one internet retailer with 2004 sales in excess of $6.9 billion dollars. The retailer continues to expand its offerings and partnerships with other retailers. Recently rolled out, which provides consumers with expanded search options to find merchandise on’s website. As part ofrepparttar 144733 Tsunami relief effort and in conjunction withrepparttar 144734 American Red Cross, set-up an online donation channel, which raised over $13 million dollars.

Yahoo Inc. provides comprehensive global internet services. It remainsrepparttar 144735 most visited website with over 3 billion page views per day. Yahoo launched its own search engine technology after dropping Google-powered results. Boasting free and paid email accounts and website complete with design tools, many pleased clients are using Yahoo.

Learning the Value of an e-Business Website

Written by John Evans

Starting a business is a huge, but rewarding, task to undertake. An internet-based business is no exception and repparttar same dedication and hard work is required to make it take off and be successful. You will soon learnrepparttar 144718 immense value of a e-business website. Think of this tool as a virtual storefront. Instead of a physical store you can stock your goods or tout your services, you will utilize this website in a similar fashion. Just as you would maintain a store and ensure it is appropriately decorated for your particular business. You would not expect your customers and clients to shop in a store with cluttered shelves, dusty counters, and dirty floors. For that same reason, you should not expect your customers to shop in a virtual space that is littered with text or links that do not work.

In order to make money doing internet business deals, you should run your virtual business like anyone doing business inrepparttar 144719 traditional brick and mortar sense. Even though you work out ofrepparttar 144720 comfort of your own home, treat your e-business withrepparttar 144721 utmost professional attitude. When you begin your internet-based business, carefully consider your website. Think ofrepparttar 144722 World Wide Web as a huge marketplace and your business needs something to make it stand apart fromrepparttar 144723 rest. Developing an e-commerce website that hasrepparttar 144724 necessary pizzazz and drawsrepparttar 144725 attention of your intended audience will benefit your business. It may be necessary to hire an outside agency to develop your website to its fullest potential.

Many individuals find it difficult to promote a professional business overrepparttar 144726 vast expanse of cyberspace. For that reason, your e-business website is a critical tool in showing your customers and clients exactly what you offer. In this age of advanced technology, more and more people are turning torepparttar 144727 internet for their

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