Yahoo Sells Its Top Positions To The Highest Bidder

Written by Sage Lewis

In a move that caused a great deal of commotion inrepparttar search engine optimization world this week, Yahoo has now partnered with Overture (formerly to provide 3 sponsored listings atrepparttar 128383 top of a search results page and 2 sponsored listings atrepparttar 128384 bottom of each search results page.

This was announced Tuesday November 13 and was implemented that Thursday. The first results page of a search gives position 1,2 and 3 from Overture and results 4 and 5 are atrepparttar 128385 bottom ofrepparttar 128386 results page. This is continued as you continue to click through Yahoo results pages. The second Yahoo results page gives you listing numbers 6,7 and 8 atrepparttar 128387 top and listing numbers 9 and 10 atrepparttar 128388 bottom. This pattern appears to continue throughoutrepparttar 128389 Yahoo listings. However, if there are more listings in Yahoo than there arerepparttar 128390 number of sponsored listings in Overture, thenrepparttar 128391 cycle repeats itself. The sponsored listings appear in bothrepparttar 128392 main directory listings andrepparttar 128393 secondary listings produced by Google.

As an example, doing a search forrepparttar 128394 phrase 'hammock chairs' inrepparttar 128395 Web Pages section of Yahoo (these arerepparttar 128396 secondary results produced by Google), there are only 25 paid advertisers on Overture as of today. But there are 5630 listing inrepparttar 128397 Google-driven listings of Yahoo. There are 5 Overture listings for every 20 Yahoo listings. So at listing 101-120 it cycles back to paid listings 1 through 5 from Overture. You can see this example by going here:

Product Review: Robogen

Written by Richard Lowe

Are you familiar withrepparttar Robot Exclusion Standard? This is a way whereby you can inform search engines and other automated spiders (programs which scan your web sites for information) what pages and directories are not to be examined. The standard is precisely defined and a little obscure, and while not overly complicated it can be difficult to understand.

There is help available, believe it or not. That obscure file called "robots.txt" no longer needs to be hand-edited. No longer do you need to type in server path names, remember robot and spider names and enter strange symbols which don't seem to make any sense.

Okay, here's a quick review. The "robots.txt" file simply lists repparttar 128382 spiders that you want to prevent from listing all or part of your site. Along with each spider isrepparttar 128383 list of directories and files that it is not allowed to examine. Wildcards are allowed.

It's not very difficult but it is time consuming if you have lots of robots and files to specify. In addition, it's easy to misspell something and fali to achieve your goal.

Now, someone has created a nice little piece of shareware called RoboGen, and it's not very expensive consideringrepparttar 128384 benefits that you will receive.

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