Yacht Chartering in Greece - A Few Things to Consider

Written by Emmanuel Mendonca

When to Go

The sailing season in Greece lasts from March to early November. Duringrepparttar Spring months,repparttar 142116 weather duringrepparttar 142117 day varies from cool to warm and is usually cool at night. The sea temperature is not usually suitable for swimming untilrepparttar 142118 middle of May and then you can swim right through torepparttar 142119 middle of October. The months of May, June, September and October usually have warm to hot daytime temperatures and pleasant temperatures at night. There are good winds at this time, but they are often variable. In July and August there are stronger winds, particularly inrepparttar 142120 Cyclades islands. Spring and Autumn arerepparttar 142121 most popular seasons for yacht chartering in Greece because this is whenrepparttar 142122 climate is most suitable and there are far fewer tourists onrepparttar 142123 mainland and onrepparttar 142124 islands, than in high Summer.

Deciding onrepparttar 142125 Type of Charter

There are many options to choose from and when planning your trip you should considerrepparttar 142126 following questions. How many people will be in your party and will they require single or double berths aboard? Do you require a sailing yacht, a motor yacht or a motorsailer? What level of comfort do you want aboard? Will you require a skipper? If you require a bareboat (i.e. you intend to dorepparttar 142127 sailing yourself, without a skipper or other professional crew aboard), what size of yacht are you experienced in handling? Remember that European regulations, require that two qualified people be aboard. Another option is to sail in a group or flotilla of other boats. These can be a combination of bareboat and skippered yachts, and can provide you withrepparttar 142128 right balance of educational support and local knowledge.

Cunard! The Name Alone Evokes Nostalgia For A More Civilized Era

Written by William Lezubski

Traveling famously on a Transatlantic crossing or cruisingrepparttar world on a stately Cunard has beenrepparttar 142106 exemplar ofrepparttar 142107 good life for 163 years. Cunard’s rich legacy of lustrous White Star Service™ and realm of privileged indulgence arerepparttar 142108 gold standard by which others are measured. Few thrills compare...

Cunard has launched nearly 180 ships with enough firsts and foremost to be forever inscribed in maritime history. Canadian Samuel Cunard began his steamship company inrepparttar 142109 early 1800's with a vision, but it is unlikely he foresaw ships withrepparttar 142110 size, speed or cultured, gracious living afforded byrepparttar 142111 magnificent Cunarders of today.

The onboard ambience attracts a loyal following of guests with similar interests and values -repparttar 142112 opportunity to socialize with peers who share so much in common is one ofrepparttar 142113 great joys of "traveling Cunard."

Cunard Cruise Lines White Star Service can only be described as truly European in that staff attends to every desire with polite, gracious and highly responsive attention - unobtrusive but very much there. When you first come on board, if you half-close your eyes, you will sense immediately that you are on a liner fromrepparttar 142114 twenties or thirties. But open them fully and you will realize at once thatrepparttar 142115 décor is strikingly contemporary.

Civilized pleasure of afternoon tea, complete with crumpets, scones, berries and clotted cream. QM2 and QE2 each have an authentic English pub offering an incredible variety of beverages ranging from single malt whiskies, special brandy and cognacs, to beer from aroundrepparttar 142116 world. Guests can watch sports programs on satellite TV and enjoy time honored pub food.

Each Ship Is A Virtual City At Sea!

Each ship is a virtual City at Sea featuring every pleasurable pursuit found inrepparttar 142117 most cosmopolitan metropolis. There are sports activities, fitness classes, spa treatments, and exquisite boutique shopping and stimulating enrichment programs, from round-table discussions with eminent scholars, to a wide variety of classes and workshops.

Inrepparttar 142118 tradition ofrepparttar 142119 great ocean liners ofrepparttar 142120 past, accommodation is matched with reserved tables in one ofrepparttar 142121 main dining rooms, most with single seating dining. Cunard's Queens Grill and Princess Grill restaurants are recognized as providingrepparttar 142122 finest epicurean experiences onrepparttar 142123 globe. And there are many complimentary alternative restaurants as well.

Evenings are filled with excitement with gala balls and dazzling theme events providingrepparttar 142124 opportunity to dress torepparttar 142125 nines - an increasingly rare treat in a day and age governed byrepparttar 142126 monotony of "country club casual". Add dancing to a live orchestra inrepparttar 142127 ballroom, fine liquors and smokes inrepparttar 142128 cigar bar, cabaret, film festivals, superb performances inrepparttar 142129 grand show lounge (QM2's Apassionata, as just one example, is a dance extravaganza with styles from Glen Miller's Swing torepparttar 142130 tantalizing Argentinean Tango). It is not to be missed.

Cunard's goal withrepparttar 142131 introduction of QM2 is to acquaint a whole new generation of travelers withrepparttar 142132 joys of a Transatlantic Crossing. You could fly across by air in six hours, but six rewarding days at sea give yourepparttar 142133 gracious gift of time -repparttar 142134 opportunity to do wonderful things that you never have time for at home. Freedom at last!

More grand news! Plans call for another magnificent Cunarder,repparttar 142135 Queen Victoria, to be delivered in 2007. At 85,000 tons she will carry 1,850 guests, and will be inrepparttar 142136 style of QM2 and QE2.

Queen Mary 2 (QM2)

A magnificent cruise experience on boardrepparttar 142137 world's most prestigious ocean liner, Cunard's renowned White Star Service, Sophisticated and extravagant, yet paradoxically, an intimate, casual ambience, accommodation paired with distinctive sea-view restaurants, Ten restaurants. From lavish dining in baronial splendor to your tasty local pub fare…with absolutely everything in between!

Superb gustatory celebrations by Mediterranean master Todd English, 24-hour room service, Largest wine selection afloat, Acres of poolside decks and promenades. Full scale Illuminations Planetarium, Afternoon tea accompanied by a string quartet inrepparttar 142138 colonial-style Winter Garden, and a 20,000 square-foot Canyon Ranch SpaClub® brims with therapies and facilities. Fitness center with 50 pieces of card equipment, weight room, Deck sports, Canard connections, and QM2's academic and enrichment programs. Onrepparttar 142139 Transatlantic Crossingsrepparttar 142140 renowned University of Oxford will present their fascinating Oxford Discovery Programs, as well as a Grand West End style cinema, Ballroom dancing, jazz and champagne clubs. Fine wine bar, G32 for rock and disco, cabaret inrepparttar 142141 Chart Room, casino, Royal Court Theatre for brilliantly staged shows and West End-caliber productions. Gallery of shops,repparttar 142142 largest library at sea, Computer Center (classes too), The Play Zone - supervised "kids camp", Gentlemen hosts, Facilities for pets.

She's like every Cunarder before her. The stupendous QM2 is a ship of opulence and splendor where classic Cunard hallmarks weave throughout. Sweeping staircases, towering dining salons, a grand ballroom and an unprecedented cache of innovations include a virtual college-at-sea, Cunard ConneXionssm. ConneXions are a cultural campus with a full syllabus of mini-courses, seminars, workshops and eminent guest lecturers selected byrepparttar 142143 University of Oxford. You can learn about everything from film-making torepparttar 142144 marvels ofrepparttar 142145 cosmos, even take a ride through outer space in a "Search for Life" at IlluminationsSM, QM2's planetarium.

If you want to get physical, there are five pools (one with retractable dome), golf simulator, shuffleboard, paddle tennis, a 360 degree promenade for walking and jogging, plus a fitness center which features personal trainers and panoramic views. Then reward yourself inrepparttar 142146 20,000 square foot Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, brimming with therapies and a wondrous thalassotherapy pool.

Evenings bring outrepparttar 142147 best in QM2 - and her guests. Beaded gowns, black ties, laughter and applause. Crystal chandeliers preside over dancers sweeping acrossrepparttar 142148 largest ballroom at sea. Guests sip from long Waterford flutes inrepparttar 142149 Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar. Wine enthusiasts sip Bordeaux in Sir Samuel's. Jazz setsrepparttar 142150 tone inrepparttar 142151 Commodore Club. You can dine on cuisine created by Boston superstar Todd English, darling ofrepparttar 142152 food critics, and after dinner, enjoy a superb musical production inrepparttar 142153 Royal Court Theatre or a play performed by actors from London's famed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Then how about rollingrepparttar 142154 dice inrepparttar 142155 Empire Casino, or enjoying a nightcap inrepparttar 142156 Chart Room where a cabaret singer croons Some Enchanted Evening…which, in fact, occurs nightly aboard QM2. You'll feel like one who has caughtrepparttar 142157 golden ring.

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