YOU - A Bright Shining Star?

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

There are about eight stages of our development as effective "translators" of spiritual truth. Our lives shine as an ever brighter and brighter light as we move from one stage to another.

First, we must give Jesus His rightful place atrepparttar center of our lives. Here we gain FAITH.

As we become more aware of good and evil, and turn away from evil, choosing to do good - because Jesus is now abiding in us and giving us those inner nudges and prompts, we grow more virtuous. That is, you become a GOOD person.

With that comes a deep desire to know more about God's words inrepparttar 127051 Bible. Not everyone disciplines themselves to dig into it as they should, but if you do, your light shines brighter as you understand more spiritual truths. Your basic KNOWLEDGE of God increases.

Knowing God better makes you want to serve Him, and do things that please Him. Which means we want to serve and help others around us. Which also means, we have to deny ourselves time, attention, expense, and so on, resulting in SELF-CONTROL.

Oh but when we try to serve others we'll soon run into situations where we are misunderstood. At times those situations turn into real trials by fire. Yet, if we hang in there and don't despair, we'll add ENDURANCE to our more and more lovely character.

Don't Let Your Balloon POP!

Written by Ellen M. DuBois

I've come torepparttar conclusion that it's okay to be "not fine."

When people ask me how I'm doing lately, I don't rattle off a list of complaints and observations, sad feelings and grievances - as a matter of fact, I just might say, "I'm okay." However, I admit that within myself things are NOT fine and try to work throughrepparttar 127050 feelings that creates.

I don't need to share with others all ofrepparttar 127051 time. It's good to vent to a friend and I don't discount that. But, I've learned that I'd better vent with myself and acknowledge my feelings or I, like a balloon with too much air, will POP.

Embracerepparttar 127052 good andrepparttar 127053 not so good in your life. Don't run from it or try to bury it.

By doing this; by saying to myself that I am NOT fine right now, I can work through my feelings more easily.

How do I do it? It's taken me while to figure it out and I don't have allrepparttar 127054 answers. But, 'self allowance' is very important.

I'm not advocating DWELLING in your problems. I'm suggesting that you allow yourself to FEEL. The world isn't always sunshine and smiles and if you try to force yourself into that very high, unrealistic expectation, you'll eventually POP!

I've done it, so I know.

You've got to let some air out of your balloon.

Giverepparttar 127055 air to God.

So, I acknowledge and embrace these parts of myself right now. I allow myself to feel hurt and cry. I turn to God for help and guidance and I ask for more strength.

Here are some examples:

My heart is ripped apart overrepparttar 127056 fact that my fiance's Dad has just been diagnosed with cancer. I HATE being inrepparttar 127057 hospital seeing him suffer. I DETESTrepparttar 127058 fear that I feel and see and smell. I want to fall apart when I seerepparttar 127059 pain in my fiance eyes. I am NOT okay with this. It hurts, and it hurts a lot. I cannot always berepparttar 127060 pillar of strength I have expected myself to be. I lose it sometimes and I am finally saying to myself that it's okay to do that. I ask God to help me. I need His strength so that I can be strong.

If I don't, my balloon will pop.

I can't always 'be there' without replenishing my resources. I don't have unlimited strength. I need time alone to embrace myself and my needs. I have to re-charge my batteries so that I CAN be there for others. I cannot do it alone. I am not meant to berepparttar 127061 'Energizer Bunny' because I am human.

It DOES get to me when I see a patient in a hospital being mistreated and I DO CARE and I WILL do something about it no matter what anyone else says. Example: I saw a man being wheeled by one nurse, whilerepparttar 127062 other tagged behind with his I.V. The nurse withrepparttar 127063 I.V. stopped andrepparttar 127064 other kept going. Obviously this resulted in a lot of discomfort forrepparttar 127065 patient asrepparttar 127066 lines got tangled around his neck. He had to say, "Hey, what are you doing?" The nurses laughed. I had to let air out of my balloon. It was wrong. I couldn't keep still and silently watch this. The man's pillow fell torepparttar 127067 floor andrepparttar 127068 nurses were too busy laughing to realizerepparttar 127069 patient was struggling to get comfortable. Finally, one of them sawrepparttar 127070 pillow and plunked it BESIDE his head, not under it. They didn't CARE and that bothered me. My balloon was filling fast. How did I let some air out? I took action. I did what I knew was right in my gut. I walked up behindrepparttar 127071 man and said, while grabbing his pillow, "Do you need help with this?"

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