Xml2PDF version 2.3 with support for WordML is released

Written by Altsoft n.v.

Xml2PDF formatting engine version 2.3 May 25, 2004 Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft N.V. is proud to announcerepparttar release of version 2.3 of its Xml2PDF formatting engine.

The update includes: - WordML as a new input format; - support for fo:float in XSL-FO; - improved word and line stacking in all formats; - side floating is available in XHTML; - images can be used as a pattern in SVG;

All editions of Xml2PDF formatting engine, which include Workstation, XmlSpy Plug-In, Hotfolder and .NET API, are automatically updated.

Altsoft Xml2PDF is a .NET based formatting engine for converting various XML-based formats to PDF. It supports XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML, WordML and XML+XSLT as an input and generates PDF as an output.

Skip Navigation links are important

Written by John S. Britsios

Skip Navigation Links are Important

Providing links that allowrepparttar user to skip directly to content, bypassingrepparttar 139783 navigation, enhancesrepparttar 139784 accessibility of your web site. This is recommended for blind or visually impaired users, people who use screen readers, and also for text-browsers, mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). These links are common on most US, UK, Irish, and other government websites, as well as many universities and private organizations.

Fromrepparttar 139785 accessibility and usability point of view, it is recommended that you make such links visible. Why?

In his article titled "Providing Skip Links", Frank Gayne of frontend.com explains:

"Skip links would be useful for people who cannot easily use a mouse. Many of these people depend on tabbing in order to make progress through an interface and might appreciate a skip links feature to lightenrepparttar 139786 amount of work they have to do. If there is no visible focus to let these people know they have hit a link, then this useful feature is lost to them."

How can you build such links? Immediately afterrepparttar 139787 logo of your web site, insertrepparttar 139788 skip link: Skip over navigation. Doesrepparttar 139789 link have to go afterrepparttar 139790 logo? Many web sites haverepparttar 139791 Skip navigation or Skip to main content links beforerepparttar 139792 logo ofrepparttar 139793 page, but a logo isrepparttar 139794 precursor of a web page. It letsrepparttar 139795 user know what website he/she is on.

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