XHTML -Making the Switch

Written by Abe Smith

XHTML orrepparttar Extensible Hypertext Markup Language is an extension to HTML made byrepparttar 140424 w3c. XHTML is a cleaner, neater, generally faster version of HTML. Here are some things you cannot do with XHTML: Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc. GOODBYE!!! Never use them agian, they are cheap, they are not coding, you are NOT a webmaster just becuase you can make a frontpage website. Also remember these simple things: Tags must close inrepparttar 140425 order that they open:


is not valid where as


is. All tags must close, including line breaks (now ), horizontal rules (now ), and images (now ) The alt is NEEDED. Most imporantly a doctype is needed and a character encoding is recommended. There are three types of doctypes: Transitional: Most used, most friendly, doctype.

Advantages of Using RSS Feeds

Written by Ben Hirsch

RSS is a wonderful thing. For those that don't know, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. Imaginerepparttar state ofrepparttar 140313 internet today. Spam is everywhere, subscribing to a newsletter could potentially give your email out to thousands of spammers. Viruses are everywhere, and there are still surfers trying to find information. RSS eliminatesrepparttar 140314 crap and focuses onrepparttar 140315 information. Really Simple Syndication.

Search engines love RSS. You can submit your site's RSS feed to many different RSS directories. As robots crawlrepparttar 140316 web and come upon your feeds on many different sites, your website gets more hits, your rankings can increase, a lot can happen.

Just adding a link on your page that says RSS can do a lot for your traffic. If a person has an aggregator, they can easily view your RSS feed to find updated content. You could just offer a teaser inrepparttar 140317 feed, requiringrepparttar 140318 viewer to actually go to your site to viewrepparttar 140319 whole article. Insta-hit!

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