XARC Mastering celebrates first anniversary, offers holiday gift

Written by XARC Mastering

XARC Mastering,repparttar world's first Internet-centric mastering studio, is celebrating its first anniversary.

Lorenz Vauck, XARC's founder, jokes: "We aren't planning any extravagant parties -- besides, we're simply far too busy for that -- but we're certainly celebrating our successes!"

It looks like Lorenz has plenty of reasons to celebrate –- Autumn has proved to be yet another impressive season for XARC, which continues to experience explosive growth in its worldwide client base.

XARC has recently reachedrepparttar 110027 450 client mark, and continues to build on its already spectacular track record. Many additional before/after demos, representing a broad sampling of XARC's more recent work, have been added to their website at http://www.xarcmastering.com/demos/

For Lorenz, XARC's first year of business has been both a humbling and gratifying experience: "I can truly say that I'm almost euphoric; it's really been a life-changing experience -- and one I never expected when I leftrepparttar 110028 off-line mastering business to start XARC Mastering. I continue to dorepparttar 110029 work I love, while havingrepparttar 110030 unprecedented opportunity of working with literally hundreds of wonderful musicians. I am truly humbled byrepparttar 110031 patronage and support I continue to receive."

Very exciting new projects as of late have included producing masters for both 'Corneille,' a famous Rwandan-Canadian R&B/Pop/World artist (http://www.corneilleonline.com/), and for 'Émily,' from Star Academy Canada.

Her new single and album have been named "Légende Urbaine."

Lorenz also reports on other XARC projects from all overrepparttar 110032 international music scene: "As well asrepparttar 110033 Canadian projects, people should 'listen up' forrepparttar 110034 mastering we did for Noztra, a USA-based Reggaeton artist who is now producingrepparttar 110035 first 50,000 copies of his new album 'Ya Ain't Ready' andrepparttar 110036 work we did forrepparttar 110037 #1 Estonian boy-group 'Soul Militia,' on their album 'Silence Beforerepparttar 110038 Storm.'

XARC is pleased to report that all of these artists are quickly flying uprepparttar 110039 charts!

Also of note is that attention has again been focused on XARC Mastering itself; Lorenz was very pleased to conduct a recent interview with Digital Music Maker SE #8, a UK-based magazine. He was featured along with several other mastering engineers.

WHite Doves at Weddings - Bringing Back an Age Old Tradition

Written by Tamara Baker

For thousands of years, white doves have been a traditional symbol in wedding ceremonies.

Torepparttar ancient Egyptians,repparttar 110026 dove represented quiet innocence. The Chinese sawrepparttar 110027 dove as a symbol of peace and long life. To early Greeks and Romans, doves symbolised love, devotion, and caring.

The dove wasrepparttar 110028 sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus,repparttar 110029 goddesses of love.

In these ancient cultures,repparttar 110030 groom would give a dove torepparttar 110031 bride, symbolising his promise to help care for her and forrepparttar 110032 family.

These days, Doves are regularly released at weddings as a blessing for repparttar 110033 bride and groom. Doves pair up for life, so they are a true representation of love and repparttar 110034 eternal commitment that a couple have made.

This tradition has become hugely popular at weddings inrepparttar 110035 United States, Canada andrepparttar 110036 UK in recent years. It is also quickly gaining popularity in Australia. There are many bird fanciers that have put their expertise to providing doves for release at events in their local area.

It is easy to have a spectacular white dove release at your own wedding that is just as enchanting as it would have been for people that participated inrepparttar 110037 weddings of ancient times (probably much more!).

WHite dove releasing is an art-form. There is much more to it than meetsrepparttar 110038 eye. In order to explain this, I am going to reveal a secret to you. (SHHH! Don't tell anyone!)

The White Doves that go to weddings are actually white racing pigeons. Doves and Pigeons are a bit like cousins inrepparttar 110039 animal world. They are not exactlyrepparttar 110040 same, but they are very similar. Only a bird expert would be able to spotrepparttar 110041 difference at a wedding.

It is important that only pigeons are released at weddings. The reason for this is thatrepparttar 110042 pigeons have a homing instinct,repparttar 110043 ability to fly back to their home after they are released. Whereas real doves would just fly up into a tree. You can't get them back so they'd have to fend for themselves. How very cruel!

That is whererepparttar 110044 "art-form" I was talking about comes into it. Professional Dove Releasers start by selectively breedingrepparttar 110045 most beautiful white pigeons, withrepparttar 110046 pigeons that haverepparttar 110047 stongest homing instinct. This happens long before they attend your wedding, taking everyone's breath away. There is a lot of effort involved to getrepparttar 110048 birds with justrepparttar 110049 right mix of beauty and brains! These birds then go through an intense training period forrepparttar 110050 first year of their life -just like athletes preparing forrepparttar 110051 olympics. After this we are confident that they will be able to fly home from anywhere within a 80km radius. In my case, birds fromrepparttar 110052 Heavenly Doves loft must be able to fly home from anywhere in Sydney. (Racing pigeons can fly back to their home loft from hundreds or thousands of kms away). Using racing pigeons isrepparttar 110053 only humane way to release "doves" because repparttar 110054 birds will always go home to be well cared for with plenty of food, water and security afterrepparttar 110055 ceremony is over.

We also chooserepparttar 110056 birds with a good nature and get them used to being handled by people (especially nervous newlyweds)so that you can be confident thatrepparttar 110057 doves will be relaxed at your ceremony - No pecking Birds!

The other aspect ofrepparttar 110058 "art-form" isrepparttar 110059 way thatrepparttar 110060 doves are presented and released at your wedding. It is essential to have an experienced dove release attendant atrepparttar 110061 wedding. Firstly because we have a whole assortment of ornamental cages and baskets that you can choose to have your doves displayed in, plus you haverepparttar 110062 choice of releasingrepparttar 110063 doves from your hands or directly from their cage or basket. Secondly, an important part of a good dove release isrepparttar 110064 placement of repparttar 110065 doves andrepparttar 110066 timing. By this I mean performingrepparttar 110067 dove release atrepparttar 110068 best location and duringrepparttar 110069 part of repparttar 110070 ceremony that makes it a memorable experience forrepparttar 110071 bride, groom and guests. We make it a high priority to ensure good photos and video footage too. Professional Dove releasers have to go to many weddings to learn good placement and timing.

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