X-Files Stuff in the News!

Written by Doug Bower

I have always loved science fiction. I always have and always will. However, I do possess, most ofrepparttar time, a solid enough grip on reality to let go of my sci-fi love when I putrepparttar 139132 book down or leaverepparttar 139133 movie theater.

I mean, I would love for halfrepparttar 139134 stuff I see in sci-fi to be true right now. You know what I am talking about, don't you? I would love to be able to zoom through "Spacerepparttar 139135 Final Frontier" inrepparttar 139136 comforts ofrepparttar 139137 Starship Enterprise sipping margaritas with Jean-Luc Picard while watchingrepparttar 139138 stars fly by. Maybe that babe, Counselor Troi, could join us.

Yes, I can tellrepparttar 139139 difference between truth and reality (sort of). It's fun to pretend but I know whenrepparttar 139140 pretense stops—or do I?

Another kind of sci-fi onrepparttar 139141 caliber ofrepparttar 139142 "X-files" has been going on lately and I want to know just what inrepparttar 139143 name of Agent Mulder is going on?

I wrote a week or two ago aboutrepparttar 139144 exploding toads of Germany.

"I cannot get out of my mindrepparttar 139145 exploding toad phenomenon reported inrepparttar 139146 Altona district of Hamburg, Germany. This was taking place atrepparttar 139147 end of April 2005, causing a ghoulish and macabre mess that confusedrepparttar 139148 hell out of scientists. They had taken to callingrepparttar 139149 districtrepparttar 139150 "pond of death".

They think they may have solved this little grotesqueness withrepparttar 139151 explanation of some peckish toad-liver-stealing crows. I don't buy that at all.

On May 18th, a report appeared inrepparttar 139152 Associated Press about a scene right out of Hitchcock's "The Birds" occurred in Houston.

Apparently, some rather miffed Grackles (a large and loud crow-like bird) have gotten it into their little pea-sized birdbrains to attackrepparttar 139153 good citizens of Houston. These attacks have become so vicious that people are being injured.

"The grackles zeroed in on a lawyer who shooed a bird away before he tripped and injured his face, Jue said. The lawyer was treated for several cuts." [1] Can you believe this?

One woman was knocked torepparttar 139154 ground, according torepparttar 139155 article, and had to be helped up by two men who were also attacked. All three had to flee into a nearby building to escaperepparttar 139156 Grackle attack.

Animus Mundi and Intelligent Design

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Animus Mundi:

The World Mind or Critical Mass of intellectual and spiritual energy was called Animus Mundi byrepparttar spiritually aware revivalists ofrepparttar 138872 turn ofrepparttar 138873 century. The spirit or ‘anima’ (Aristotle) in all that is includes things not alive as we think of it. The Mayans put it this way – ‘Do not put yourself in front of your Self’. There is a qualitative aspect to our genetic mutations and other changes inrepparttar 138874 world around us. Koestler saw some of it and Bucky Fuller (A ‘charmed’ person to be sure.) put it forward as ‘creative realization’. I also have enjoyed many other Fullerisms and principles. His ‘Observer ofrepparttar 138875 Observed’ is a tool I have found useful in keeping balance even as I seem to be hysterical inrepparttar 138876 joy of what goes on around me. Bucky said thatrepparttar 138877 world around us isrepparttar 138878 way it is because we ‘think’ or ‘made’ it that way because of our mindset or what might be termed our paradigm. All we need to do to actualize great and wondrous change is to ‘think’ differently.

Dr. Janice Boddy says we have a ‘Reifying thrust of Materialism’ and we need to develop a ‘Reifying thrust of Spiritualism’ I think. CIRCADIAN RYTHMS:

Just as Gertrude observed in her airplane flights over America, there are designs that open and aware artists or people can tune into. The ancients who worshipped Ra or other sun-gods were more aware of our intricate and intimate involvement withrepparttar 138879 sun than you might imagine. It is not justrepparttar 138880 desire for melatonin such asrepparttar 138881 Star Fire Ceremony ofrepparttar 138882 Rosicrucians like Gardner that allow me to say this. He detailsrepparttar 138883 psychic and spiritual effects on us throughrepparttar 138884 Third Eye. It is not justrepparttar 138885 accuracy ofrepparttar 138886 prophetic Mayan calendar which tracksrepparttar 138887 transit of Venus in its short count. That transit has a means of understandingrepparttar 138888 effect ofrepparttar 138889 sun when combined withrepparttar 138890 Long Count or Polar Wander Path. I have tried to describe these things in other books and I confess it is not a simple discussion; or at least I am not able to make it so. Suffice it to say, there are ways we are impacted byrepparttar 138891 forces of nature that make us a very habit formed creature far beyond mere psychological conditioning. The billions of years that life has been evolving in concert with or alongsiderepparttar 138892 effects ofrepparttar 138893 stars and cosmic or earth energies are in all of us whether we are attuned to it or not.

When man does not know allrepparttar 138894 awesome potential he (she) has to develop God does God develop as well as God would like? When man does not fulfill a positive harmonizing function and all manner of other life forms suffer because of it, does that mean it was God who wasrepparttar 138895 problem? I say God (he/she/it) or Divine Providence must grow or harmonize and man making Godrepparttar 138896 culprit for man’s own deceits and destructive acts is mere anthropomorphing ego. We must stoprepparttar 138897 divisive and racist designs that old religions and other insane constructs cause. There is more – MUCH more wealth and health available for all life on earth – if only we ethically planned to act in creative cooperation with ‘All that IS’. This isrepparttar 138898 real ‘Charm of Making’.

Intelligent Design:

WILLIAM DEMBSKI: - Rather than deal with Intelligent Design thoughts andrepparttar 138899 math of this highly accredited academic who was given a Research Center at Baylor University, that has been inrepparttar 138900 news a lot overrepparttar 138901 last few years; I will place some thoughts that may be confusing but touch upon some ofrepparttar 138902 issues ofrepparttar 138903 Origin of Life as debated inrepparttar 138904 larger theme of our beginnings and consciousness studies. It is a response with other people in a long thread of posts onrepparttar 138905 matter of Creationism and Intelligent Design.

I see Evolutionary Theory as a study ofrepparttar 138906 Origin of Life notrepparttar 138907 genesis ofrepparttar 138908 human species. There are few researchers (including Jacobson of ASU who discovered Lucy) who will not do any human evolutionary tree today. Darwin did not go torepparttar 138909 Galapagos to study humans. He tried also to maintain he was not inspired by Lamarck (whose work includes an attunement or qualitative aspect that Russian science still employs rather thanrepparttar 138910 more quantitative approach of most Western scholars) but it was subsequently shown that Darwin was well versed in Lamarckian principles and employed much of his insight though from a different premise or POV. Darwin also had a Theory of Love. You do not read about it and that is sad, because that really integrates what I am about to demonstrate if this discussion goes torepparttar 138911 nature of lattice intersectional consciousness.

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