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Written by Scott T. Smith


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'Writingrepparttar Income-Generating Web Site'

Your Web site has a single motive:

To 'ignite' your visitors to take action.

This prime motive is behind every element of your Web site design and content. Start withrepparttar 134648 idea that you have one chance to reach your customers. They will never return to your site unless you make it worth their while, and they will not buy unless you encourage/force/ask them to.

This will impactrepparttar 134649 3 prime elements working together in any excellent Web site repparttar 134650 mechanics, content, and design. Right now, let's focus onrepparttar 134651 mechanics of writing.

Your Template for Success

Here is a simple template for a Web site which you can readily adapt to meet your needs. Use it as a jumping-off point for an income-generating Web presence.

The 3-Part Home Page & MUST-HAVE Button

1. Headline

A strong, enticing headline isrepparttar 134652 most important element of your home page, because it isrepparttar 134653 first impression you make on your visitors. Make it complete enough to provide real food for thought, and long enough for any graphics to load further down onrepparttar 134654 page.

The secret to a good Web headline is that visitors want to read about THEMSELVES, not about you. Their first question will always be:

'What's in this Web site for me?'

That's what you need to tell them right away. State a benefit that clearly enhances their life, using power words such as 'Discover', 'Announcing', 'Breakthrough', 'Facts', 'New', 'Now', 'Save', 'Yes' all words that are active, grabrepparttar 134655 attention of your visitors, and promise them something.

The two most powerful words to motivate your prospects to read further are 'You', and 'Free'.

Interactive Features

Written by Richard Lowe

If you really want people to be attracted to your web site time after time, you need to add interactivity. This can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It does not matter whether you are a beginner, an intermediate webmaster orrepparttar most advanced web designer around, you can add interactive elements to your web site.

What is an interactive element? Forrepparttar 134647 purposes of this section, I am defining it as a way to causerepparttar 134648 visitor to a web site to interact with either other visitors orrepparttar 134649 webmaster. Examples include email forms, chat scripts and games. You can also add tools such as dictionary lookup boxes, weather reports and code generators.

If you are a beginning webmaster, if you are creating a simple homepage or if you do not have access to server-side scripting (a method to causerepparttar 134650 web server to do tasks for you), then what you will need to do is find outside services to host your interactive capabilities. These services can be bought (usually for a minor fee) or will will be free and display ads.

The advantages of free services are that they are free, relatively bullet-proof (usually) and generally straightforward to use. The major disadvantage is that they must make money indirectly throughrepparttar 134651 use of advertisements. Sometimes this is just a simple banner, andrepparttar 134652 more obnoxious services remove your visitor totally from your website and plant them on theirs. The other disadvantage is you tend to lose visitors by using these free services, as it is their goal to get them to click on an advertisement, not to get people to stay on your site.

All of these remotely hosted services (a service run off of a web server that is notrepparttar 134653 same as yours) have a major flaw in that they tend to slow down your web pages. Even something as simple as displaying a button loaded from one of these services can increaserepparttar 134654 load time of your page by seconds or even minutes. You see, it depends on how loaded their server is - not how much data is on your page.

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