Writing for Mediocrity

Written by Heather Reimer

A while back, an Internet wit compiled a list of signs that you're not spending enough time online. One sure sign is that poor spelling and grammar still bother you. Good one!

Unfortunately, there are no online grammar police … just you and me, voluntarily dotting our own "i"s and crossing our own "t"s. And since you want to go forth and prosper as an Internet business, you're takingrepparttar time to do it, right?

After all, as author Virginia Shea pointed out in her online book Netiquette, "Onrepparttar 129842 Web, you won't be judged byrepparttar 129843 color of your skin, eyes or hair, your weight, your age, or your clothing. You will, however, be judged byrepparttar 129844 quality of your writing."

Okay, maybe these days, people aren't as picky as they once were about speaking and writing perfectly. Whether that's okay or not, is up for debate. But if you lose coherency as a result… well, that's going to cost you money and that's not negotiable, is it?

But, for those of you with too many clients and too much money, here are a few guidelines on writing for mediocrity:

1. Do not under any circumstances userepparttar 129845 spell check function or have someone else proofread your text before uploading it. That wood be a horendus waist of time and serbs no porpoise.

2. If you don't have valuable content, don't worry… just substitute fancy fonts, busy wallpaper and lots of blinking banners. Your visitors will be so distracted they won't notice you have nothing to say.

3. If you quote someone, don't bother to get their permission or spell their name correctly. Why? See rule #1.

4. Exclamation marks rule!!! Your readers have likely never seen this tactic before and so will think that urgent punctuation (!!!) requires urgent action (!!!) on their part.

The Monsters Out Of The Cage! - Part 1

Written by John Colanzi

For years mail order dealers have been cashing in onrepparttar public's insatiable thirst for information.

Now along comesrepparttar 129841 internet and "the monsters out ofrepparttar 129842 cage."

No longer are authors limited by:

<> Printing costs

<> Postage

<> Marketing to one or two countries

Create an electronic best seller and it can multiply faster than those fury little "tribbles" on Star Trek.

There are a few ways you can take advantage of this situation.

What types of information sells best. You can find out really fast. Just look atrepparttar 129843 best seller lists and you'll seerepparttar 129844 topics that sell best have stayed fairly stable overrepparttar 129845 years.

People always want to know "How To"

<> Make Money

<> Save Money

<> Lose Weight

<> Gain Weight

<> Improve Themselves

<> Learn More About Their Hobbies

<> Eat Better... Cheaper... Healthier

The list is endless.

The subjects available are only limited by your imagination.

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