Writing for Dollars - How to get Started

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

“When you provide good information from which readers can learn and profit, people are more likely to buy your products and services.”

- Heidi Richards -

So just how do you get started? The first step, of course is to writerepparttar article. The second step is to findrepparttar 136333 right medium. I have a small business inrepparttar 136334 floral industry. Sorepparttar 136335 floral community would be my first likely target. Industry experts are generallyrepparttar 136336 most sought after writers for targeted publications. Since I write mostly about sales and marketing for small business, my second likely medium would be business-related publications, such as those published by Chambers of Commerce, small business journals and other retail industry publications.

I have also found that each type of media that has printed my articles has different criteria for submission. Some want you to send a letter outlining your ideas while others will allow you to submitrepparttar 136337 actual article. However, most editors prefer that you send a query letter first and include a paragraph about yourself. I also include a link to both my websites in case they want additional information. However, many ezines and online publications allow you to sendrepparttar 136338 actual article. Visit your library, online or local bookstore or do an Internet search withrepparttar 136339 words query letters forrepparttar 136340 “how to’s” of writing them.

It should go without saying thatrepparttar 136341 article must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. A publisher is looking for quality content that will make her or him look better torepparttar 136342 reader. The more unique your article,repparttar 136343 better your chances of getting it published. Real-life, personal examples and stories have a much greater chance of getting published than do “book reports.” Make surerepparttar 136344 article is yours! No plagiarism allowed. If you do copy someone else’s work, not only will you open yourself up to all sorts of legal problems, you will destroy any credibility you hoped to establish.

Whether you write articles for print media or for online publications, follow these guidelines to increase your likelihood of getting them published.

P Readrepparttar 136345 publication. Become familiar withrepparttar 136346 writing styles and content. It took several months, before one of my articles was accepted by Balance Magazine. It was an article on leadership, which they liked and found space to include. Because I was patient, tenacious and had developed a relationship withrepparttar 136347 editor, I was asked to berepparttar 136348 South Florida Profile Editor and now write an ongoing series of articles calledrepparttar 136349 PMS Principles™. I interview successful women in South Florida and write their stories. What a great way to gain exposure! Byrepparttar 136350 way,repparttar 136351 PMS stands for Partnering, Mentoring and Service, which is alsorepparttar 136352 title of a new book I am writing.

P Send your article torepparttar 136353 assistant editor when there is one. You will find her or him listed inrepparttar 136354 publication.

P Askrepparttar 136355 publication for their editorial calendar (often found on their website). An editorial calendar listsrepparttar 136356 “focus” or theme of each issue. This is a great tool to use when deciding what to write and submit.

P Find outrepparttar 136357 submission requirements (writer’s guidelines). These will include length of article, format, number of words, do’s and don’ts, as well as deadlines for submission. In some cases it will also include writer’s compensation, if and when they pay for articles.

The Mobile Freelancer: Freedom to Make a Living from Anywhere

Written by Nick Usborne

There has been a huge amount written aboutrepparttar benefits of working from home.

Individuals run small businesses from home. Large corporations even set up home offices for many of their employees.

Right now most freelancers work from a home office. Some may invest in modest office space, but most ofrepparttar 136206 freelancers I know work from their homes.

It's good to have such a short commute time inrepparttar 136207 morning!

>> But what if you want more?

With smaller, more powerful laptops, improved internet connectivity worldwide and a host of cellular and web services to choose from...we're no longer confined to working from home. Now we can work from almost anywhere.

This opens up a host of new possibilities in our lives.

* We can travelrepparttar 136208 world, and still keep working

* We can live almost anywhere, out inrepparttar 136209 country or even in a different country

* We can travel to visit clients, attend seminars or pitch for new business in other cities without losing touch with our current work and customers

The list goes on and on.

>> Our only limitation is our fondness for old work habits

As freelancers we are literally free to work from most parts ofrepparttar 136210 world.

So why don't we all strike camp and explorerepparttar 136211 world?

There are many practical reasons, includingrepparttar 136212 needs of other members of our families and communities.

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