Writing articles for the search engines

Written by Marsha Maung

This is precisely what I am doing here today (and every other day in my life)! I am writing to share my experience and hopefully, my knowledge and information can help some others who are in need of such information and advice. Writing is a very powerful way to connect with people and we can use it to not only share information but promote ourselves.

When you’re writing an article or some form of web content, you have to bearrepparttar following things in mind:-

a.The purpose of writing What I do is this….before I start an article, I leaverepparttar 144289 title ofrepparttar 144290 article empty and start typing outrepparttar 144291 purpose ofrepparttar 144292 article. What kind of feeling do I want to leave withrepparttar 144293 reader? Then I move on torepparttar 144294 keywords that I want to use consistently throughoutrepparttar 144295 article (for search engine optimization purposes). Right after that, I write down (in point form)repparttar 144296 content ofrepparttar 144297 article.

Then and only then, I start beefing uprepparttar 144298 article.

The reason whyrepparttar 144299 purpose, keywords andrepparttar 144300 skeleton ofrepparttar 144301 article is written before anything else is to keep you focused and reminded ofrepparttar 144302 reason why you’re writingrepparttar 144303 article. As any professional and experienced writer can tell you, it’s way too easy to get derailed half way. I have a bunch of articles that are completely wwwaaayyyyy off mark because I lost direction halfway throughrepparttar 144304 article!!

b.Title and keywords of your article The title should contain one ofrepparttar 144305 keywords that you’re trying to use in your article. For instance, you want to optimizerepparttar 144306 article for business card, so, you should includerepparttar 144307 word ‘business card’ in your article title and also inrepparttar 144308 first paragraph of your article!

If you can’t think of anything mind-blowing….force it in! I am being really honest with you here if you want to make sure your article is ranked highly in search engines forrepparttar 144309 keyword ‘business card’.

seagul eye

Written by K.S. Fellow

The Seagull Eye

Lendrepparttar cut to purgerepparttar 144288 mind, lendrepparttar 144289 burning tongue that binds. Chatter off likerepparttar 144290 seagulls who mock and scrounge, who never shut their beaks till sustenance is found. Leaverepparttar 144291 bits of hard bread forrepparttar 144292 pests to find, leaverepparttar 144293 jam and turkey forrepparttar 144294 silent man confound to his thoughts of past whatrepparttar 144295 birds have seen. Seagulls may have seenrepparttar 144296 great lands as they have flown, as they experiencerepparttar 144297 grand feeling of flight. Thoughrepparttar 144298 ground bound man has never traveled nor flown he has known much more though he be old and worn. A bird has no insight to enjoy what they see, they have no imagination to loverepparttar 144299 places they go. The man has dreamed greater places thenrepparttar 144300 birds will every know, and has flown far higher thenrepparttar 144301 birds could ever hope to be. Letrepparttar 144302 streaks of white berepparttar 144303 speed offrepparttar 144304 fat seagull, and letrepparttar 144305 silent man sit soundly still onrepparttar 144306 sand.

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