Writing a Press Release: The Design Basics

Written by Ned Steele

Big corporations like General Motors and Coca-Cola spend thousands of dollars on press kits with specially-designed folders, full-color stationery, digital photos and lots of other goodies. Does this make a reporter more likely to do their story? In my experience,repparttar answer is no.

Regardless ofrepparttar 144616 appearance ofrepparttar 144617 information, there are two basic things in a press release that lead to free publicity. Useful information, and several different contact methods.

A reporter almost expects a big company to have flashy press information. But they certainly don't expect or even want it from you.

Cut unnecessary costs by skippingrepparttar 144618 fancy, flashy press kits with glitter and ribbons. It rarely helps.

Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Focus on Main Points During an Interview

Written by Ned Steele

You never want to inundate a reporter with information, but you don't want to be branded a one-trick pony either. That's why I recommend coming up with three key points for every interview you do.

In advance of every media call or interview, think carefully about and write down repparttar three key points you want to convey. Keep that list in front of you, or memorize it cold. Whereverrepparttar 144615 talk goes, make sure you nail those three points.

Make sure each of your points is really only one point. Here are some examples: "Stocks are going to go up." "Local real estate is a bad investment right now." "Early retirement is within closer reach than most people realize." You should be able to make each one in about ten seconds.

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