Writing a Powerful E-mail Press Release

Written by John Karnish

Press Releases are a great source of publicity for your business and often attract more buyers than traditional, paid advertising. However a lot of people are confused when it comes to sending out publicity releases, so here are some things you should know.

You should always remember thatrepparttar main objective is to seek publicity for your business. You never should send out a sales letter. That's not what a release is for and you'll never get published. Always targetrepparttar 125216 person to whom you send your release. Sending out releases isn't a numbers game. The more targeted a contact is to your release,repparttar 125217 more likely they will publish it.

Once you find a media source that would be interested in your publicity release, then you want to find which editor isrepparttar 125218 best for your purpose. Don't send it to a managing editor, you want to send it to a contact that is related to your release.

When you send a release, always personalize it. "Dear Editor's name,". Use their title, "Being repparttar 125219 Sports Editor for..." Also use their field of interest if it's known. "Beingrepparttar 125220 Sports Editor forrepparttar 125221 (New England Chronicle) and an avid soccer fan..."

There are two, general ways of sending out a press release by e-mail. Both have good and bad qualities. Some editors prefer that you send them a short e-mail, "briefly" describing your release and asking permission to send it. This will prevent an editor from asking to be removed, which would end any future contact with him.

The second way is to make absolutely sure he would be interested in your release and just send it out. The advantage of going this way is neither of you is wasting time by asking permission and granting it. It's up to you. I suggest you try and see how each one works for you and chooserepparttar 125222 better ofrepparttar 125223 two. Whichever strategy you use always honor an editor's request to be "removed."

Try to keep you release short; e-mail releases are recommended to be only three paragraphs. Many editors will receive a hundred or more releases a day, so you have to get his attention in a very short amount of time.

Catch their attention inrepparttar 125224 first paragraph,repparttar 125225 main focus of your release inrepparttar 125226 second and your contact information inrepparttar 125227 third.

You don't want to give your whole story inrepparttar 125228 press release, you want them to contact your for more information. The nice thing aboutrepparttar 125229 internet is that you can make this information directly available by using a webpage or an autoresponder.

List all ofrepparttar 125230 information they'd be interested in. Think of some questions that an editor would probably ask you in an interview and providerepparttar 125231 answers. Write down all ofrepparttar 125232 specifics of your story. You might want to list your credentials or company history too. Whenever you list a contact number, always leave a number where you can be reached. Editors don't have a lot of time and they're not going to go out of their way to get in touch with you.


Written by Larry Dotson


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