Writing Your Wedding Vows the Way Poets Do

Written by Chris Simeral

Let’s face it, not many of us haverepparttar kind of skills or experience to write truly poetic wedding vows. Or do we? Here’srepparttar 122054 truth: Even if you don’t know Dylan Thomas from Bob Dylan, and you’re pretty sure T.S. Elliot was that guy who wroterepparttar 122055 words to Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Cats,” all is not lost! In fact, there are ways to learn to writerepparttar 122056 words you want. With four simple steps, you can take what you feel in your heart and make it come out as sweetly as any Shakespearian sonnet.

Step 1: Decide on a theme

Finding a theme should arguably berepparttar 122057 easiest part of writing poetry for your wedding vows. But you don’t want to be stuck with something trite or cliché, even thoughrepparttar 122058 theme of romantic love is probablyrepparttar 122059 oldest known for poetry. There are lots of ways to avoid writingrepparttar 122060 same old “roses are red, violets are blue” type of poem. One trickrepparttar 122061 pros use is to envision what a newspaper article about your relationship would say. Would it discuss how and where you met? How your relationship has stayed strong, even duringrepparttar 122062 hard times? What your love has meant to one another? Since newspaper articles get right torepparttar 122063 point, this exercise can help you pick out an overriding theme for your vows.

Step 2: Allow time for reverie

No, not “revelry” (hopefully that will be what your wedding day is all about), but reverie – a quiet time devoted to a kind of dreamy meditation. Try some tricks for allowing yourself time to truly think about your poem -- and not just those things that allow you to “act like a poet.” Go for a walk alone, listen to instrumental music, or simply shutrepparttar 122064 door to a room in your house and ask not to be disturbed. The most important thing to remember with any of these methods is that you don’t let other people interrupt your time.

Step 3: Choose your topic

Wedding Entertainment - selecting a quality DJ

Written by Todd Mumford staff writer

Wedding Entertainment – selecting a Quality DJ By Todd Mumford

Months in advance of your wedding ceremony, comes hours and hours of planning – how many people to invite, what food items to provide, drinks, wedding flowers, and more. Finding a good, dependable DJ is usually notrepparttar first thing on your mind. Howeverrepparttar 122053 entertainment for you party needs to be one ofrepparttar 122054 most important things you plan for, for many reasons. Some suggestions we have in terms of finding good dependable music entertainment are:

1. Plan to meetrepparttar 122055 DJ in advance.

If your disc jockey turns out to be late, unprofessional, or comes unequipped for your meeting, you’ll have time to search for another. Finding a DJ who looks motivated to help make your ceremony and reception a huge success can do wonders for stress levels for both bride and groom.

2. Inquire about music tracks

This sounds simple, but ensure thatrepparttar 122056 DJ has a wide range of songs to play forrepparttar 122057 celebration – everything from oldies to waltzes forrepparttar 122058 bride and groom, and additionally, some up-tempo, newer type music. Good DJ’s can senserepparttar 122059 mood ofrepparttar 122060 crowd at your event and ‘elevate’repparttar 122061 mood whenrepparttar 122062 guests feel like dancing and ‘tone it down’ when people feel a need to relax. In addition, a professional DJ knows what to play in terms of requests, what will come across well and also, what type of music that wouldn’t be appreciated .

3. Get it in writing

As in any business transaction, a legal contract is mandatory. Ensure that you have in writing what will be provided and for how long. Be sure to include actual playing times, equipment that will be provided, number of breaks and attire. Also, it’s usually a good idea to have an overrun clause stipulated, just in caserepparttar 122063 wedding goes on longer than planned. If this happens,repparttar 122064 overrun clause should addressrepparttar 122065 extra pay forrepparttar 122066 additional entertainment.

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