Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Written by Samantha Taylor

Your wedding vows arerepparttar words that will forever remain in your partner's heart and memory. So you want to ensure that you express exactly what you are feeling and how much you love them. Most people have never written wedding vows before and they aren't quite sure how to communicate what they feel into words. Here are some helpful guidelines to ensure thatrepparttar 150246 feelings in your heart are encompassed in your wedding vows:

  1. Sit down with your fiancée and put some general expectations in place for your wedding vows - such as how long and how in-depth they should be.

  2. Begin brainstorming. Think about your relationship and everything you've gone through together. Focus, perhaps, on a specific situation such asrepparttar 150247 moment when you realized that this wasrepparttar 150248 person you were meant to be with.

  3. If you use nicknames or lovable expressions with your fiancée (honey or sweetheart) you may want to incorporate these into your wedding vows.

  4. If tradition is important to you, review some examples of conventional wedding vows. Most begin with "inrepparttar 150249 name of God, I (your name) take you (your fiancée's name) to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband." You may consider reciting your vows in a similar manner.

  5. Avoid sad memories or stories about you and your partner fighting. Wedding vows are meant to expressrepparttar 150250 joys of being together. Therefore you should focus onrepparttar 150251 positive.

Top 5 Wedding Favors and Why

Written by Dion Semeniuk


At most weddings,repparttar bride and groom will offer some type of small memento as a note of appreciation to family and friends, more commonly known as wedding favors. As you will discover in this article,repparttar 149975 type of favors are widely varied but there are some that are considered better choices than others. Remember, wedding favors do not have to be expensive. In fact, this type of gift can be something homemade. If you want to go all out, that is certainly fine, but it is also not necessary. The focus ofrepparttar 149976 wedding favor is to let people know you are grateful for their assistance with your wedding and/or reception or that you are just honored they showed up. To help you get started, we have provided you withrepparttar 149977 top five wedding favors.


One ofrepparttar 149978 most popular types of wedding favor is food, simply because most people love to eat. A wonderful option that is easy and inexpensive to make would be to purchase small black favor boxes and then line them with white tissue paper. Place Oreo cookies or dark chocolate covered peanuts inside and then tierepparttar 149979 box off with white and red ribbon. Watch everyone enjoyrepparttar 149980 beautiful box but even more,repparttar 149981 delicious goodies inside. This is a very nice choice for both informal and formal weddings.

Flower Plant

The second ofrepparttar 149982 top five wedding favors is a fresh plant or flower seeds. With this, you can get as creative as you want. A couple of ideas that work very nice is placing a miniature plant or cacti in a small terra cotta planter. To make this more personalized,repparttar 149983 women (and men) inrepparttar 149984 wedding party could get together for lunch to embellishrepparttar 149985 pots with ribbon, craft paint, lace, and so on. You could also choose a simple glass container, add three different seed packages, and punch a hole throughrepparttar 149986 upper corner of all three to tie together with ribbon. These are appreciated because once planted, they are a constant reminder of your cherished event.

Fragrant Soap

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