Writing Your Own Free Report

Written by Timothy Ward

Experts and researchers have been telling us for years that one ofrepparttar most eye catching words in advertising isrepparttar 101103 word FREE. So whenever possible we've been encouraged to userepparttar 101104 word free in our advertisements. However, what can you do ifrepparttar 101105 product or service your advertising isn't free, and you don't have anything free to give away? How can you incorporaterepparttar 101106 word free into your advertisement then?

There are of course, hundreds of websites that will sell you little knick-knacks and trinkets to give away to your potential customers. But these can be expensive, especially for internet marketers with tight budgets. There is however something that you can give away for FREE that won't hurt your budget, and may help your business.

The one thing you can always offer for free is information. And a great way to offer information is in a free report. Now you may be asking yourself: What information do I have that other people would want to read about? Well, look at it this way, who knows more aboutrepparttar 101107 product or service that you are advertising than you? So if you are going to offer a free report why not make it aboutrepparttar 101108 product you are selling orrepparttar 101109 service you are offering. Or it can be about something closely related to your product or service.

For example if I wanted to offer a free report in ads for my travel website (http://www.Bookyourfares.com), my free report might be about 'The Secrets of Booking Airline Flights Online'. Since I own a travel website, I would be in a good position to know at least a couple of tricks that might interest people who were looking to userepparttar 101110 internet to book flights. And of course I would be sure to include links to Bookyourfares.com throughout repparttar 101111 free report. That way if people found my report informative they probably use Bookyourfares.com to book their airline flights (and hopefully their hotel and car rental reservations as well). That's how a free report can help your business, it may draw sales from people who ordinarily may have passed over your ad. But since you offered a free report, your ad caught their eye and now you have their attention. And once you have their attention, hopefullyrepparttar 101112 quality of your product or service can take it from there.

"The World Wide Marketplace"

Written by Jane Fulton

"The World Wide Marketplace" (c)janes-place

Some of you have asked about marketing outside ofrepparttar internet. To be effective, you "must" have tools. It's time consuming to search forrepparttar 101102 tools that you need. Here are some tools that I use and have found them to be effective:

1) I had business cards printed up "Free" and I place one in every piece of correspondence I mail out. The quality of these cards really are impressive! Get your business cards free here: http://janes-place.com/marketing.htm Click onrepparttar 101103 small banner onrepparttar 101104 navigation bar. It says Free Business Cards.

2) I also had return labels printed up with my name, address and URL, atrepparttar 101105 same place I got my business cards. Every time I mail a letter, they are exposed to my URL. Eventually it will be burned in their minds.

3) Sincerepparttar 101106 printing on labels are so small, I had a self-inking stamp printed up and stamp every piece of mail that goes out of this house. Evenrepparttar 101107 postal people can see this!

4) I read ezines. Every article you read isrepparttar 101108 way that person does things. You take what you can use fromrepparttar 101109 article and leaverepparttar 101110 rest.

5) I download a lot of ebooks and read them! A lot of people download ebooks, but never read them. Say you don't have time? I use to say that too! I now print them out and read them when I am waiting to seerepparttar 101111 doctor, dentist, anyplace where I have to wait. I always have a highlighter in my purse and highlight information that I find useful. That way later, I don't have to readrepparttar 101112 whole article again to findrepparttar 101113 information I'm looking for. You will find a lot of good ebooks at janes-place: http://janes-place.com/Downloads.htm http://janes-place.com/InterNETACTIVE.htm http://janes-place.com/ezineadvertising.htm http://janes-place.com/quickway.htm http://janes-place.com/more_downloads.htm I am working right now to get some more up to help with your marketing efforts. Download these ebooks and read them! They are there to help you!

6) I also jot down notes inrepparttar 101114 margin, like "try this", or "check this out". That way, when I'm ready to userepparttar 101115 information inrepparttar 101116 ebook, I go thru my notes.

7) When I go shopping, I strike up conversations with fellow shoppers. I "always" get around to askingrepparttar 101117 question, "Do you have a computer?" Nine times out of ten,repparttar 101118 answer is, "Yes". I reach into my purse, pull out one of my business cards and give them one. I invite them to visit my site and sign-up for my newsletters.

8) When I call another business, or they call me, I tell them about my site. For example, a lady called merepparttar 101119 other day to get me to sign-up for MCI Long Distance service for my phone. I immediately brought uprepparttar 101120 subject of my internet business. As we talked, I found out that she was a new user ofrepparttar 101121 internet and her mother made dolls that she wanted to put onrepparttar 101122 internet. I told her that I had a solution for both of them. She needed to sign-up for Newbie & Affiliate SOS Newsletter, to learn more aboutrepparttar 101123 internet and her mother could go to my site and place a free classified ad for her doll business and that there were a lot of other "Free Marketing Tools" on my site for her to use. Guess what? I just acquired two new customers and friends.

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