Writing Wedding Vows ĖIdeas That Will Help You Express What You Truly Feel

Written by Jean Bachcroft

More and more, couples are choosing to write their own wedding vows. This seems to be especially true for second marriages. Although many people believe that this isrepparttar best way to truly express their personal beliefs and feelings, often they are unsure about how to begin and what to include. If you would like to write your own wedding vows, here are some tips for writing vows that pledgerepparttar 144397 love you truly feel.

Inform your clergyman early Ifrepparttar 144398 ceremony will be religious, letrepparttar 144399 clergyman know about your plans as soon as possible. If there are guide principles you will need to be aware of as you write your vows,repparttar 144400 sooner you know what they arerepparttar 144401 better. This is also a good way to avoid possible conflicts betweenrepparttar 144402 beliefs of your house of worship and your own personal beliefs. If there is some disagreement betweenrepparttar 144403 two, you may need to adjust your plans or wording, or perhaps look for another clergyman.

Ask Yourselves Fundamental Questions Once youíve taken that first step, begin by asking yourselves questions. These may include: "What does marriage mean to us? Why are we marrying? What promises are most meaningful, and which ones are essential that we keep?

You may want to ask what words like love, honor, respect, faithfulness, forgiveness, honesty, fidelity, friendship, and trust mean to each of you. This exercise will help you to clarify your thoughts as well as express your true feelings toward each other, your expectations forrepparttar 144404 future, and your personal visions of your lives together inrepparttar 144405 future.

Focus on whatís unique

An essential element of personalizing your wedding vows is expressing what is unique aboutrepparttar 144406 other person. Think about how you see each other and write down as many ofrepparttar 144407 reasons for loving each other as you can verbalize. If your backgrounds are different, acknowledge this and promise to respect and honor your differences as well as your commitment to building bridges that will strengthen common grounds. If this is not a first marriage for one or both of you, you may want to talk about your faith in love andrepparttar 144408 bond that marriage creates between two people.

Donít get too personal

Keep in mind that exchanging wedding vows is as serious as it is meaningful. Your goal should not be to make your vows sound cute or amusing. Also, avoid suggestive language or phrasing.

Second Marriage Wedding Dress and Etiquette

Written by Jean Bachcroft

Just as with your first marriage, your second marriage is a new beginning with your fiance. So it makes sense that many ofrepparttar traditional rituals and rules of etiquette apply. But which ones?

There is no reason why you should not register for gifts, have a shower, or wear a white, full-length gown atrepparttar 144396 altar. Whether or not you will choose any of these options is now considered strictly a matter of personal preference dictated by your style.

Charting a new course

When it comes torepparttar 144397 ceremony, one ofrepparttar 144398 questions that experienced brides-to-be frequently ask themselves is "Do I really want to do everythingrepparttar 144399 same or do something completely different?" If you were married in a civil ceremonyrepparttar 144400 first time, maybe itís time to consider a church ceremony, complete with flower girls, a ring bearer, and attendants.

Because you are certainly all-grown-up now, this is your chance to plan your wedding exactlyrepparttar 144401 way you want it to be, without any unnecessary consideration forrepparttar 144402 wishes of parents. However, you will want to discuss your feeling and carry outrepparttar 144403 planning withrepparttar 144404 groom.

Onrepparttar 144405 other hand, ifrepparttar 144406 formality and style of your first wedding did suite your taste, you should feel free to repeat those elements. Nevertheless, since this is a time to look towardrepparttar 144407 future, rather than returning torepparttar 144408 past, donít get bogged down with history. Usingrepparttar 144409 same reception site or addingrepparttar 144410 same personal touches would be in poor taste, so should be avoided.

Large ceremony or small The size of your wedding party, as well asrepparttar 144411 number of guests you will invite, is entirely up to you. With regard torepparttar 144412 ceremony itself,repparttar 144413 rules of etiquette would berepparttar 144414 same as if you were marrying forrepparttar 144415 first time.

If you are planning to invite more than 50 guests, arrange to have attendants (groomsmen or ushers) on hand. If at all possible, you will want to have one attendant for every 50 guests.

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