Writing Persuasive Articles

Written by Steve Gillman

You may be wondering what persuasive writing has to do with articles. After all, you're not exactly selling something with an informative article, are you? Yes, you are. You at least want persuaderepparttar reader to keep reading until he gets to your link atrepparttar 147841 bottom. Userepparttar 147842 following tips to get more traffic by writing persuasively.

Persuasive Writing

1. Headlines. Questions are great attention-grabbers. "How Much Can You Make This Year?" will get more readers than "Make More Money." Paint a picture in seven words or less, if you can. "A Thousand Dollars Fell Off My Table," might lure them in. Titles like,"10 Ways To..." or "Avoid These Six Mistakes When..." or "How To..." are popular too.

2. Description. Most article banks require a description, which letsrepparttar 147843 reader know whatrepparttar 147844 article is about, so you get readers who are actually interested inrepparttar 147845 topic. The second purpose is to make them want to read your article. Try hinting at things and leavingrepparttar 147846 reader wanting more: "If you're making these errors, you're losing money every day. Learn to avoidrepparttar 147847 most common optimization mistakes."

3. Article body. Write in your natural style, but keep paragraphs short, or readers will lose interest. Also, if you can hint at incompleteness, you're more likely to get visits your site. Don't say, "Here's how to write articles." Say, "Here are just some ofrepparttar 147848 techniques I use to easily write new articles." You want them to go looking forrepparttar 147849 other techniques - on your site.

Discover Hidden Profits in "Spare Change" Time

Written by Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved http://www.thenetreporter.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Fact: Takerepparttar spare change out of your pocket every night and put it in a child's piggy bank. Atrepparttar 147840 end of a year you will have at least a hundred dollars to spend as you wish.

Now take this same principle and discoverrepparttar 147841 huge payoff inrepparttar 147842 "spare change" time you've been wasting all these years.

How often do you sit in front of your computer and wait?

Everyone waits forrepparttar 147843 computer to reboot, restart, unlock, "scandisk", "defrag", finish printing, download a file fromrepparttar 147844 Internet or generally accomplish tasks that have you sitting twiddling your thumbs for at least 60 to 90 seconds or more.

The shocking truth is that those one, two and three minute nuggets of time containrepparttar 147845 seeds for accomplishing allrepparttar 147846 tasks you never seem to have enough minutes inrepparttar 147847 day to finish.

Computers represent a double-edged sword. Onrepparttar 147848 one hand, they are supposed to save us time by efficiently helping us with big tasks such as balancing our checkbooks, running our businesses, and doing our taxes.

In reality, it seemsrepparttar 147849 time computers save you gets sucked right back up in time-consuming tasks such as installing software, scanning for viruses and waiting forrepparttar 147850 computer to restart!

Think aboutrepparttar 147851 spare change inrepparttar 147852 piggy bank example. Now use that same principle to your advantage by developing an awareness of how you spend your "pocket change" time in front ofrepparttar 147853 computer every day.

Small bits of wasted time add up quickly overrepparttar 147854 course of a day, week, year - all of it in 2 to 3 minute increments. Fifteen wasted minutes a day equals well over 1 productive weeks wasted per year!

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