Writing Made Them Rich #3: Richard Bach

Written by Michael Southon

One day inrepparttar mid-1970's a young man stumbled into a diner somewhere inrepparttar 129431 United Sates.

Slung over his shoulder was a kit-bag that contained everything he owned. He was unshaven and needed a shower badly. He had very little money, but enough for a phone call.

He rang his bank and asked how much was in his account. A woman's voice informed him - to his amazement - thatrepparttar 129432 balance in his account was four million, three hundred thousand dollars.

His name was Richard Bach. Six months before, he had submitted a short story, barely 10,000 words long, to a New York publisher.

Forrepparttar 129433 last three months he had been livingrepparttar 129434 life of a nomadic 'barnstormer', taking people on joy rides for $5 a flight and sleeping in fields underrepparttar 129435 wing of his bi-plane.

Hardly able to believe what he had just heard, he rangrepparttar 129436 New York publisher to whom he had sentrepparttar 129437 manuscript.

"Where on earth are you?" asked a woman's voice. "We've been looking for you for three months! Radio and TV want interviews with you, a publisher in Spain wants to buyrepparttar 129438 Spanish rights to your book..."

Writing Made Them Rich #4: Paulo Coelho

Written by Michael Southon

Paulo Coelho was born on August 24th 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At age 17 he announced his intention to be a writer. It was a decision bitterly opposed by his parents, partly because Brazil at that time was under a military junta that persecuted writers and intellectuals.

Coelho's rebellious behaviour led his parents to have him confined to a mental hospital in Rio de Janeiro where he received shock treatment. He escaped - and was returned - three times.

Withrepparttar arrival ofrepparttar 129430 1960's Coelho threw himself energetically intorepparttar 129431 counterculture of drugs and rock-and-roll.

In his 20's he fulfilled his ambition to be a writer and worked as a playwright, a theatre director, a journalist, and a song-writer for Brazilian pop music stars such as Elis Regina and Raul Seixas.

In 1974, says Coelho "my life collapsed".

That year he was arrested three times,repparttar 129432 first time as an innocent bystander at a bank robbery,repparttar 129433 second time for speaking out againstrepparttar 129434 establishment at a pop concert. After being released byrepparttar 129435 police he was arrested a third time by paramilitaries who tortured him for a week.

Inrepparttar 129436 late 1970's his life was back on track again and he became artistic director for CBS in Brazil.

But in 1979 he was suddenly sacked without explanation and he spentrepparttar 129437 next 2 years knocking on doors trying to get back intorepparttar 129438 music industry.

In 1981 he decided to try his luck in Europe and there met a member of an obscure Catholic Sect that studiesrepparttar 129439 language of symbols: RAM or Regnus Agnus Mundi. He progressed withinrepparttar 129440 sect and eventually became a Magus.

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