Writing Made Them Rich #2: Charles Dickens

Written by Michael Southon

Charles Dickens was born in Portsea, England, in 1812. His father was a clerk inrepparttar Navy Pay Office, stationed at Portsmouth. Although his job was well paid, his father had a weakness for spending money and spent much of his life in chronic bankruptcy.

In 1824, when Charles was just 12 years old, his father was sent to debtor's jail. Charles Dickens was sent to a boarding house and given a 12 hour-a-day job preparing bottles of shoe polish in a blacking factory.

But Dickens' fortunes improved: a sudden inheritance allowed his father to pay off his debts and he sent Charles to school.

At age fifteen Charles was placed as a clerk inrepparttar 129546 office of an attorney, a friend of his father's. In his spare time he studied hard to become a Parliamentary reporter.

At age nineteen he enteredrepparttar 129547 parliamentary gallery as a reporter for The Mirror. It was a well paid job and he soon became known as one ofrepparttar 129548 best shorthand reporters in London.

Dickens began writing fiction at age 21, underrepparttar 129549 nom de plume of 'Boz'. In 1836, when Dickens was 23, he began writing a series of short stories (The Posthumous Papers ofrepparttar 129550 Pickwick Club) which appeared in cheap monthly installments. Byrepparttar 129551 age of 24 he had become internationally famous.

Charles Dickens burst ontorepparttar 129552 literary scene at a unique moment in English history

Untilrepparttar 129553 end ofrepparttar 129554 18th century, England had been a mainly rural society. But fromrepparttar 129555 late 1700's onwards, land holders started forcing people off their land to make way for sheep farming.

Atrepparttar 129556 same timerepparttar 129557 Industrial Revolution was creating new towns and cities with belching smoke stacks and factories that needed workers -repparttar 129558 English countryside was emptying and a new urban working class was emerging.

The concentration of people in towns and cities created something that had never existed before - a mass audience. Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters sprang up to cater for this new and growing demand.


Written by Livvie Matthews

Millions of people have a wealth of information stored in their heads but have never thought about selling that information!

There are millions of buyers (all overrepparttar world) who want to know what you know. Creating and selling a tips booklet is an excellent outlet for exchanging that information.

Everyone has skills they take for granted. Skills so familiar you don't even consider them as skills. Skills that can be taught to others.....for money.

* What do you know? * What skill do you have? * What is at least one thing you could teach others? * What do people come to you and ask you how to do, because you are so good or know so much about? Maybe you are: An avid collector, A whiz at computers, A knock out with fashion, A food gourmet, A Ms Manners on etiquette, A grow anything- anywhere gardener. What about: A car buff, A walking sports encyclopedia, An event organizer-planner, A great landscaper, Run a spic and span janitorial service, Your web site generated hit after hit....Getrepparttar 129544 idea?

First you need to discover your skill, and then you need to write a booklet about it. Give this some serious thought and discover your unique skills. You can come up with at least one thing you can teach others.

Examine yourself, ask your friends and relatives, accessrepparttar 129545 Internet. Sometimes something or someone else can help us identify our unique skills.

Once you have identified your skill(s) you excel in, you can create a "how to" tips booklet or manual. You don't have to write a prize winning novel. You don't even have to be a writer. There is just one rule....KISS Keep It Simple, Silly!

How to KNOW if you can create a booklet:

1) Are you a man or woman? ___Yes___No

2) Do you have a skill you are good at...you love you know likerepparttar 129546 back of your hand?__Yes__No (Job, profession, hobby, craft, fashion, sport, pets, food, computers, health, cars-trucks, decorating, travel, web design, etiquette... you name it....the list and possibilities are endless!)

If you answered yes to EITHER of these questions you can write a tips booklet!

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