Writing Made The Rich #4: Paulo Coelho

Written by Michael Southon

Paulo Coelho was born on August 24th 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At age 17 he announced his intention to be a writer. It was a decision bitterly opposed by his parents, partly because Brazil at that time was under a military junta that persecuted writers and intellectuals.

Coelho's rebellious behaviour led his parents to have him confined to a mental hospital in Rio de Janeiro where he received shock treatment. He escaped - and was returned - three times.

Withrepparttar arrival ofrepparttar 129363 1960's Coelho threw himself energetically intorepparttar 129364 counterculture of drugs and rock-and-roll.

In his 20's he fulfilled his ambition to be a writer and worked as a playwright, a theatre director, a journalist, and a song-writer for Brazilian pop music stars such as Elis Regina and Raul Seixas.

In 1974, says Coelho "my life collapsed".

That year he was arrested three times,repparttar 129365 first time as an innocent bystander at a bank robbery,repparttar 129366 second time for speaking out againstrepparttar 129367 establishment at a pop concert. After being released byrepparttar 129368 police he was arrested a third time by paramilitaries who tortured him for a week.

Inrepparttar 129369 late 1970's his life was back on track again and he became artistic director for CBS in Brazil.

But in 1979 he was suddenly sacked without explanation and he spentrepparttar 129370 next 2 years knocking on doors trying to get back intorepparttar 129371 music industry.

In 1981 he decided to try his luck in Europe and there met a member of an obscure Catholic Sect that studiesrepparttar 129372 language of symbols: RAM or Regnus Agnus Mundi. He progressed withinrepparttar 129373 sect and eventually became a Magus.

How to Firm Up Flabby Prose

Written by Beth Mende Conny

------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2002 by Beth Mende Conny, WriteDirections.com All rights reserved in all media.

The content of this article may be forwarded in full without special permission provided it is used for not-for-profit purposes and full attribution and copyright notice are given. For other purposes, contact Beth Mende Conny at Beth@WriteDirections.com. ------------------------------------------------------------

Want to be a lean, mean, writing machine? Then put your words on a diet. Here are some great suggestions for cutting flab, firming muscle and punching up your prose.

Learn to strip Brilliant as your prose may be, you likely can toss a word or two ... or three or twenty. Be brutal. Strip awayrepparttar extraneous until your sentences go buck naked. They can then, like streakers, zip across your page.

Rememberrepparttar 129361 if's If you can say it in one page instead of three-do so. If you can say it in one paragraph instead of three-do so. If you can say it in one sentence instead of three-do so. If you can say it in one word instead of three-do so. If you can say it in a one-syllable word instead of one with three-do so.

Avoid repetitions, redundancies, reiterations, restatements ...

* owns his own business = business owner * a great number of times = many times * red-colored train = red train * broke both his legs = broke his legs * duringrepparttar 129362 winter months = during winter * inrepparttar 129363 not-too-distant future = inrepparttar 129364 future * at this point in time = presently/now * postponed until later = postponed * mutual cooperation = cooperation

Take action In writing, as in life, you can't sit there like a blob. You've got to userepparttar 129365 active voice. Before and after examples:

* The ballots were counted by him. = He countedrepparttar 129366 ballots. * He was robbed by a knife-wielding teenager. = A knife- wielding teenager robbed him. * There is much that today's parents have to worry about. = Today's parents have much to worry about. * It has been shown by numerous studies that insulating your water heater saves energy. = Studies show you save energy by insulating your water heater.

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