Writing Guarantees that Sell

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

“This offer is good but can you guarantee it.”

Why write a guarantee for your product or service? It reducesrepparttar risk inrepparttar 108068 eyes of your customers, enough to turn a cynical customer into a convinced customer.

So, what makes a good guarantee? Besidesrepparttar 108069 obvious, “I guarantee it,” strong guarantees include elements that not only easerepparttar 108070 customers’ fears but also reinforce your offer. Before you put your guarantee in writing, here are some tips to keep in mind.

* Emphasizerepparttar 108071 benefit in each guarantee. Say you’re selling an energy supplement. Write a statement saying, “If you’re not drinking less coffee, skipping downrepparttar 108072 street, or simply more energetic after thirty days, just ask for your money back.” * Offer objects other than money. If you simply can’t afford to return your customers’ money or hesitant to offer that type of guarantee, offer to correctrepparttar 108073 problem at no additional charge. Send them another product. Contribute torepparttar 108074 charity of their choice, in their name of course. Use your imagination and think of ways you can ease your customer’s fears. * I’m sure you’ve heard ofrepparttar 108075 30-day guarantee. Have you ever considered giving a 60-day, 90-day, or even a 1-year guarantee? When you offer longer terms, you take on more risk. When you take on more risk, your guarantee becomes stronger. A strong guarantee = Confident buyers. * After you’ve finished laying out your guarantee, don’t forget to restate your main offer. This is also a great place to include write another call-to-action phase. Ask for their business right after you’ve dissolved their reluctance.

Now, let’s think about what type of guarantee should you have. Before you decide which guarantee is right for you, think like your customer. Why aren’t they buying? Are they worried about price? Afraidrepparttar 108076 product isn’t exactly what they’re looking for? Afraidrepparttar 108077 project won’t be completed on time?

Calls-To-Action: Making Them Fit Makes All the Difference

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004 http://www.learn-copywriting.com

It was going so well, so what happened? Many copywriters get off to a wonderful start: The headline is compelling,repparttar body copy is benefit-filled, but then comesrepparttar 108067 call-to-action andrepparttar 108068 whole thing falls apart. Why? It could be a dozen different reasons, but one ofrepparttar 108069 most common I’ve seen is thatrepparttar 108070 call-to-action doesn’t fitrepparttar 108071 target audience.

Call-to-action statements (those final words that inspire your customers to take an action - usually to make a purchase) are not universal. Just like your headline, your sub-heads, and your body copy, calls-to-action need to be as specific as possible. They need to “match”repparttar 108072 style of your audience.

To me, an effective call-to-action is more than justrepparttar 108073 simple “order today” or “click here now” phrase. Yes, those play a part, but it takes more than that to motivate buyers.

Let’s look at an example or two of powerful calls-to-action and see what makes them tick.

Langtry Manor (http://www.langtrymanor.co.uk/weddings.htm)

This site represents an old English manor that is available for (among other things) weddings and receptions. Their branding positions them as a very upscale, exclusive, highly sought after location for brides aroundrepparttar 108074 world to be married.

After going overrepparttar 108075 benefits of usingrepparttar 108076 inn for a wedding and/or reception,repparttar 108077 call-to-action comes into play. Notice how there is more thanrepparttar 108078 simple “contact us today” statement.

Because ofrepparttar 108079 historically romantic setting and immense popularity of Langtry Manor Hotel among brides worldwide, our schedule becomes filled quickly. We recommend you contact us for additional information or to arrange for a viewing ofrepparttar 108080 hotel as soon as possible. This will help to guarantee a reservation for your preferred date.

See howrepparttar 108081 call-to-action fitsrepparttar 108082 audience? The copy doesn’t stop inrepparttar 108083 middle of romancingrepparttar 108084 bride in order to scream, “Dates are being booked as we speak! Call us today before your wedding date is gone forever! Don’t let some other bride getrepparttar 108085 jump on you! Pick uprepparttar 108086 phone now!” This audience would run for their lives if they read that copy.

Tai Chi Flow (http://www.taichiflow.com)

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