Writing Fiction, literature and Large blocks of text for the Internet

Written by John Stevenson

Have you always wanted to write a novel? If your have thenrepparttar time has come to put pen to paper, or byte to RAM and actually tell it torepparttar 129821 world.

Unless you don't keep up withrepparttar 129822 trends, and as your onrepparttar 129823 Internet that probably not you anyway, then you will already be aware of Stephens Kings decision to write his latest novella inrepparttar 129824 electronic format. To me this was no surprise; in fact I was far more surprised that nobody had done it before.

His only mistake may be inrepparttar 129825 timing. Isrepparttar 129826 world quite ready for a monitor and a television atrepparttar 129827 bottom ofrepparttar 129828 bed?

If its not, it very soon will be withrepparttar 129829 rush to produce more functional and user friendly palm sized computers, and when they become commonplace, every single author onrepparttar 129830 planet will have access to an audience of billions.

So what do you do? Type out fifty thousand words and that's it!!!! You're suddenly a published author?

Well not quite……

Imagination, creativity and being able to hold together a jolly good plot are only part ofrepparttar 129831 real story. Transferring that document onto a webpage requires a set of completely different skills. None are complicated or hard to master, but forrepparttar 129832 novice many frustrating hours can be wasted learningrepparttar 129833 pitfalls.

In this article I hope to pass on some of what we have learned in

creatingrepparttar 129834 caelin day websites to hopefully make this part ofrepparttar 129835

publishing process easier.

The very first thing any reader will see is how you present your work, and using poor grammar or misspelled words, especially on a 'writers' site immediately presents you torepparttar 129836 visitor as being unprofessional. They don't know you, and if their first impression is that you can't spell then their second thought will probably be to click away.

Though in reality precisely correct spelling is impossible in a worldwide context. For example American English can be different fromrepparttar 129837 British style both in written and spoken form, and evenrepparttar 129838 best spell checking software can "misread (mis'red? Mis'reed?)" an intention. Check to ensure thatrepparttar 129839 words chosen conveyrepparttar 129840 intended meaning by asking someone else to readrepparttar 129841 work after it has been spell checked, and to look for words that may infer entirely different things from place to place, culture to culture.

Show, Don't Tell

Written by Martin Avis

A good writer knows to restrict narrative and emphasise action. We all think in images, so it is unsurprising that we respond best whenrepparttar image is clear.

'Jane slammedrepparttar 129819 door so hard that dust billowed out ofrepparttar 129820 frame.' is far more powerful (and interesting) than 'Jane slammedrepparttar 129821 door.'

Painting mental images inrepparttar 129822 mind's ofrepparttar 129823 audience is not justrepparttar 129824 preserve of fiction writers. It is a powerful tool inrepparttar 129825 hands of a good salesperson, and a vital technique in any form of public speaking.

For example, a sales rep for a cookie company wouldn't go into a store and describerepparttar 129826 cookies. He would handrepparttar 129827 buyer a sample and while it was being eaten, wax lyrical aboutrepparttar 129828 unique properties and popularity.

In a presentation, how much stronger it is to say something like: 'Every day we sell to more people than visit Disneyland' rather than 'Sales reached 120,000 per day.'

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