Writing Copy For Online Catalogs

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

What's one ofrepparttar things that most of your ad copy has in common?

You write your copy for one primary product or service.

Since most ofrepparttar 129811 ad copy is done in this manner, you may find that writing "Great" Catalog Copy is a little different. Online catalogs are a very popular medium onrepparttar 129812 Internet, but unfortunately there are only a handful of web site owners who give their catalog copy any justice. Even though we have grouped this copy lesson into catalog copy, there are several different types of catalogs to consider. Some catalogs feature every product that their company sells, while others focus on a specific product line or specific selection of items chosen for a particular criterion.

Aside from your web site traffic or email list(s) subscriber base,repparttar 129813 three most important parts of a catalog are:

1) Product Placement inrepparttar 129814 catalog. 2) The Amount of Space you give each product. 3) Graphics, Photos or Illustrations used. 4) and of course, The Ad Copy.

While ad copy is notrepparttar 129815 most important part ofrepparttar 129816 catalog, it directly affects each ofrepparttar 129817 other parts. Without great copy,repparttar 129818 other key parts of your catalog have to work that much harder to be effective. This article provides some tips on writing more effective "Catalog Copy".

Here are my Top 8 Tips for writing Catalog Ad Copy:

1) Matchrepparttar 129819 amount and format of your copy to your catalog.

Whilerepparttar 129820 major consideration of most offline catalogs is space, this is usually not a worry for online catalogs due torepparttar 129821 low cost of server space today. Unfortunately,repparttar 129822 reader's attention span has not changed. If you are offering a large amount of products you will want to keep your copy short and torepparttar 129823 point, while catalogs with few products can afford to write longer, more in-depth copy. Keep this in mind: More copy does not necessarily mean better copy.

Write copy appropriate forrepparttar 129824 product. You don't write down home, earthy copy to promote ball bearings. You could, onrepparttar 129825 other hand use this approach for personal items or a product/service that reflects a change in your home. Matchrepparttar 129826 type of copy you write torepparttar 129827 product and audience.

Another consideration in format isrepparttar 129828 type of catalog you are writing copy for. Some catalogs are used as a sales aid, which would require a more direct, hard punch type of copy. Order Catalogs would be more straightforward, citing features, advantages and benefits in a more orderly and less flashy manner. Another words, getrepparttar 129829 information out there inrepparttar 129830 most favorable light, but keep it brief. This is not to say that it should be boring. Copy still has to moverepparttar 129831 prospect to action. Still another may be a promotional catalog, where you are settingrepparttar 129832 stage for a move to a "For more information, click here" page. Here you would keeprepparttar 129833 copy short, but would use a more persuasive and dazzling approach, Like writing headlines. Again, because space is not a concern for most catalog webmasters, this isrepparttar 129834 best approach for catalog sales onrepparttar 129835 Internet.

2) Visual Aides, such as graphics and photos play an important part in your copy. Each has it's own use and should be thought of in that sense. While graphics and animations can create eye-catching lead-ins to your copy, they would not be used to displayrepparttar 129836 product. Think about it. Would you be more likely to click on a product that hasrepparttar 129837 cartoon look of a graphic orrepparttar 129838 actual likeness ofrepparttar 129839 product? The same applies to displays or packaging. Remember use graphics to draw attention and photos (or illustrations in some cases) to presentrepparttar 129840 product.

3) Make your readers comfortable with ordering from you. Money back guarantees have no substitute onrepparttar 129841 Internet. This isrepparttar 129842 number one request from buyers. They want a guarantee that they won't be ripped off. Another one ofrepparttar 129843 biggest foes of Catalog and Internet Purchases isrepparttar 129844 fact that people have to deal with a faceless seller. Reassure your buyer by mentioning names. Name other firms or clients that have used your service. They need not be famous people or companies. Here's a testimonial from Martha. The buyer doesn't know Martha from dirt, but because Martha likedrepparttar 129845 product or service, your prospect feels a little more at ease. Again, photos play an important part. If they buyer can see you, they feel closer to you. "You" being yourself, staff clips or for that matter photos of anybody. A letter fromrepparttar 129846 President ofrepparttar 129847 company written torepparttar 129848 buyer in a personal form is a big helper too.

4) A key to ad copy, including catalog copy is and always will be to show your buyer how your product will save them money or benefit them more than your competitors product or service. "Lowest Prices", "Now Discounted", "Revolutionary Product" orrepparttar 129849 old standard "New & Improved" are all examples of Power Words that convey this important thought. For more Power Words check here . But of course it's more than just using a couple of attention grabbing power words, it still takes great copy to support them.

My husband didn't believe me when I received my first order!

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

You know, when last November I told my husband "I am going to write a book", he laughed. What kind of a book could a former music teacher possibly write? Especiallyrepparttar one he is married to :-) Who cares if she has a computer degree!

I got all my smarts together and in 3 months completed my first book on how to make a web site for newbies. My husband was still laughing. He kept saying, "just show merepparttar 129808 money!" A week after I released my new book, I was able to show himrepparttar 129809 money.

When my first order came in, I was jumping up and down (after all, I was too a bit skeptical about making money with this book). My first customer was very excited to berepparttar 129810 first one. "What do ya know! I amrepparttar 129811 first at something!", he said.

After that many more sales came in, but that first one was absolutely unforgettable.The feeling of making something on your own and having people like it and pay for it, is absolutely incredible (sometimes I think it's better than sex! :-)

It is August now. I have finished my 3rd book for webmasters. I am still enjoying my sales (slow but steady) and so far have made over $10,000 selling my books. I know it is not a 6-figure income. It is not even enough to quit my full-time job. But hey, it has only been 7 months since I started my business and this figure is realistic. And as they say in Russia, "the slower you go,repparttar 129812 further you'll get!"

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