Writing Articles For Fun And Profit

Written by Steve Gillman

Writing articles is possiblyrepparttar best way to generated free traffic to your site. A short article, submitted to a few places, creates permanent streams of traffic. Here are some ofrepparttar 147280 ways articles bring traffic to your website:

1. Click-throughs from article banks. People read your articles at an article bank, and click onrepparttar 147281 link inrepparttar 147282 "author's resource box."

2. Search engine traffic. Search "cheap international plane tickets" on Google, and sites with my article will be inrepparttar 147283 results. Whereverrepparttar 147284 article is found, readers can click through to my travel site.

3. Other web sites. When my reports show a referral address I don't recognize, it's usually a web site that's using one of my articles.

Article Submission - The Basics

Submit your articles to article banks and newsletters. Article banks usually carry "free-distribution "articles, meaning anyone can use them for a site, newsletter or blog. They just can't change them, and they have to leave your link active. The link is inrepparttar 147285 "resource box," where you say something about yourself and inviterepparttar 147286 reader to visit your web site.

Post an article once, and it can spread, creating permanent streams of traffic. Why permanent? Here's an example: I get search traffic for "mexico real estate" on my site HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com because of an article I used. The author gets clicks through to her site, but I get traffic - and revenue - so I'll never remove that article.

Affiliate Marketing Or Market Your Own Products?

Written by Jeff Smith

How should you organize your online business?

Affiliate marketing seems to make sense, its easy and low cost to start, and you can be up and running within a few days - but repparttar struggle is how to get traffic and make my offer different than allrepparttar 147239 others?

Onrepparttar 147240 other hand, creating your own product is what you may really want to do, if not for being so unsure about what topic to write about and findingrepparttar 147241 time in your busy life to get started?

Let me share two important true facts with you about choosing between affiliate marketing and producing/marketing your own products.

Tip 1: 99% of Successful Online Entrepreneurs Do Both

Tip 2: Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs Lead With Their Own Product To Build Affiliate Business

Here's why.

Truly successful online marketers look to differentiate and dominate a given niche demand within a market.

For example, Steve Manning offers a course on how to write and publish your book fast over at: http://www.infoproductcreator.com/part/14days There are many books and experts that aim at teaching people how to write or get published.

Steve focused on openingrepparttar 147242 doors to writing books torepparttar 147243 everday NON-writer. Simple techniques that anyone can use to put their ideas into print.

Steve offers his own product, but also occassionally offers affiliate products that he feels make sense for his audience.

Let's take another market - Strength Training and Fitness

Matt Furey (of www.mattfurey.com) has come from nowhere to dominate his market niche inrepparttar 147244 last few years with a combination of his own products, but also offers many affiliate products to his subscribers.

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