Writing Articles, But Still Not Getting Traffic? That’s Because Your Articles Suck – But I Can Help! (Part 2)

Written by Jason DeVelvis

Last time on “Because your articles suck” – we discussed how to write effective headers, bylines (boy were those easy), and article summaries. Now it’s time to move on torepparttar body ofrepparttar 150163 article and thenrepparttar 150164 all-important resource box.

Body (Wow, nice bod)

First of all, you have to use subtitles. Subtitles segmentrepparttar 150165 article, which makes it seem shorter, and thus, easier to read. People will run away from a 700-800+ word article with nothing to break it up. Byrepparttar 150166 same token, use spacing effectively. People don’t like to read long paragraphs, either. When you change subjects, start a new paragraph.

Second, write like your article is going to be read by 6th graders - well, more like people with 6th grade reading ability – because you are. Studies have shown that most people read and write at a 6th grade level. (Remember:repparttar 150167 Internet is not only inrepparttar 150168 USA, there are MANY more people onrepparttar 150169 'net fromrepparttar 150170 rest ofrepparttar 150171 world, and most speak English as their second or third language.) This does NOT mean you should actually write like a 6th grader would, it means write at their skill level. You still need to use decent grammar, spelling, etc.

Third, keep your writing conversational. People don’t like to be lectured, but they like to have conversations. Heck, some students have conversations during lectures! (Sorry, lame joke)

Next, lets look at content. Your content should provide great information by itself, but always leaverepparttar 150172 reader wanting more. For example, "These are just a few ofrepparttar 150173 ways to start your own business cheaply" getsrepparttar 150174 user to want to read more, and it also gets them to click on your link inrepparttar 150175 resource box.

Also, make sure your articles are brief, you're not writing books, and people looking for articles don’t want to read books. If your article is over 1,200 words, split it into segments. Having 2 or more parts to an article is also good, because it makesrepparttar 150176 life of an ezine and newsletter publisher that much easier – they’ve got 2 weeks worth of content forrepparttar 150177 price of one! Though, it was probably free inrepparttar 150178 first place, but it keeps their readers happy and reading their publication…

Finally, involve your readers inrepparttar 150179 article - ask them questions with simple answers. (If you get them jazzed enough, sometimes they answer out loud...) You like questions, right? Sure you do. Asking simple questions makesrepparttar 150180 reader connect withrepparttar 150181 article, (and also with you, asrepparttar 150182 author) and that makes them read torepparttar 150183 end, as well as click on your link for more information. I can’t stressrepparttar 150184 word simple enough, because tough questions (What isrepparttar 150185 airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?) makerepparttar 150186 reader feel dumb, and a reader who feels dumb stops reading.

A Tip to the Beginning Internet Entrepreneur: Know What Marketing Means

Written by Rick Tanzo

Internet Marketing has been a buzzword for over a decade now, a short time by ordinary measure. And yet in terms of Internet reckoning, this is a very long time. Whatever, we always go back torepparttar origin ofrepparttar 150162 word marketing.

Marketing, as we know it, primarily concentrates on consumers . As Internet marketer, your responsibility is to determine your consumers' - or potential customers' - needs and desires. You then develop strategies - both online and offline - about your product's important features, persuade your potential customers to purchase your product, and make sure your customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Inrepparttar 150163 olden times marketers stopped withrepparttar 150164 sale of products and services. Today, successful marketers make it their strategy to sell to existing customers more than finding new buyers. Why? Because it is more profitable to sell to existing consumers than to new ones!

Why do I belabor this definition? Because in essence, that is what marketing is all about. If you understandrepparttar 150165 above definition, and I have highlightedrepparttar 150166 important keywords, your duties as Internet marketer is placed in correct perspective. With this atrepparttar 150167 back of your mind, there is no doubt you will become a profitable entrepreneur.

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