Writer Wanna Be's

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Before my discovery ofrepparttar internet, in attempting to deal with Christian publishers, I came to realize what preachers have known for a long time. Many publishers userepparttar 108099 'Christian' name for a fast buck. Like others, they want to know who you know and everything else possible that might prove your book will sell onrepparttar 108100 merit of your name, only; without regard to what is actually insiderepparttar 108101 cover.

They, also, expect you to work so hard at your presentation thatrepparttar 108102 book is ready for publication before submitting. Though, most ofrepparttar 108103 time, it goes into a pile of manuscripts; to barely be skimmed, unless you have already developed a name.

In addition, publishers either want your writing to fit within their specific doctrinal guidelines or they wantrepparttar 108104 writing to be so non-controversial that all religions will accept it. All this is without consideration as to ifrepparttar 108105 Spirit is actually speaking throughrepparttar 108106 writing.

Poetry critiquers don't like me very well, either. Oh, wait! Maybe it'srepparttar 108107 other way around.

First, you write, in hope of meeting someone else's acceptance and approval. Talk about messing with your self-esteem, that will do it. You may have to spend money for them to even look at your writing. But when you do, you are almost assured they will tell you what you had hoped to hear ~ that your writing is absolutely wonderful!

You can pretty much guarantee that those who offer self-publishing will really love your writing, too. However,repparttar 108108 price for encouragement, on that level, is considerably higher.

Then, there are contests wherein expense is required, either to enter or to claim your prize. In other circles, we call it gambling.

Though, if you are otherwise accepted, you may be required to pay forrepparttar 108109 honor of having your writing listed among them. However, unless you tell all your friends, no one that knows you will ever see it. And, allrepparttar 108110 rest won't even remember your name.

Such as these take unfair advantage; manipulatingrepparttar 108111 heart strings of those whose dream in life is to, one day, be a writer. In fact, most such cons stay within legalized limits; but steal from your wallet, none-the-less.

I am not a writer wanna be. In fact, I'm not even a writer. I do not seek to become a writer. But, I could keep going with this skeptism as, when I do write it is with motivation and purpose. Maybe I just have a lot of issues. :)

What got me going, this time, was a shared link to a web site implying they were interested in original Christian writing submissions. However, in addition to all else, they suggested that if you wait forrepparttar 108112 Spirit's moving, you may never write. So, at that point, I was no longer annoyed but a bit ticked. Ifrepparttar 108113 Spirit isn't in it, it shouldn't be written. Shame on them!

When God inspires one to write, it does not need criticized. There are times when a different arrangement of words would read more smoothly. And, definitely, proofing helpsrepparttar 108114 reader to be able to better absorb content. However,repparttar 108115 intent in which God gave it should never be changed. God doesn't do anything inferior. Only, some take it upon themselves to think they know more than God.

But, also, as is really obvious whenrepparttar 108116 only accepted poetry submission is 'non-rhyming poetry', regardless of content, those have pre-determined what is good poetry while they look down uponrepparttar 108117 rest. That might be a good deal, to at least know what is expected. Only, no two critics agree on what good poetry is.

A Lesson From “The Apprentice” That Can Make You A Master

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004 http://www.copywritingcourse.com

I have to admit, I was curious. When I saw previews of a new show called “The Apprentice,” it made me want to at least watchrepparttar premiere to see what was going on. Immediately, I was hooked. The whole idea of candidates - from all walks of life, not just college grads fresh from their commencement ceremonies - vying for a position in one of Donald Trump’s organizations piqued my interest. What kept my interest wererepparttar 108098 real-life advertising lessons every business owner needs to be reminded of.

Take, for instance, one episode whererepparttar 108099 teams were challenged to create an ad campaign. I was, needless-to-say, onrepparttar 108100 edge of my seat forrepparttar 108101 entire show. One team immediately decided to phonerepparttar 108102 client and setup an appointment to find out aboutrepparttar 108103 product,repparttar 108104 end user, and other aspects that would make a big difference in creatingrepparttar 108105 campaign. (Smart move!)

The other team, however, said they didn’t have time to talk withrepparttar 108106 client. They were running behind schedule. Meeting withrepparttar 108107 client - in their opinion - would just waste an hour or two that could have been spent on more important tasks. (Excuse me?)

What happened? First of all, my husband came charging intorepparttar 108108 living room asking, “Do you believe that? Even *I* know you have to talk torepparttar 108109 customer first!” Yes, he had been listening to me after all.

Inrepparttar 108110 end,repparttar 108111 campaign fromrepparttar 108112 team who did speak withrepparttar 108113 client wonrepparttar 108114 challenge. Oncerepparttar 108115 losing team arrived inrepparttar 108116 boardroom,repparttar 108117 project leader, Jason (Mr. “We Don’t Have Time To Talk Withrepparttar 108118 Client”), really got it from all sides.

Donald Trump’s assistants, George and Carolyn, made a point of bringing uprepparttar 108119 fact thatrepparttar 108120 client was not contacted. Jason’s own teammates made a point of bringing up thatrepparttar 108121 client was never contacted. And Donald? To quote, Donald said, “That was a HUGE mistake… you’re fired!”

This was fairly early inrepparttar 108122 show so you would have thoughtrepparttar 108123 other contestants would have learned from Jason’s mistake. Not so. There was yet another episode where an Apprentice put what they wanted over whatrepparttar 108124 client wanted/needed.

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