Writer Wanna Be's

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Before my discovery ofrepparttar internet, in attempting to deal with Christian publishers, I came to realize what preachers have known for a long time. Many publishers userepparttar 126367 'Christian' name for a fast buck. Like others, they want to know who you know and everything else possible that might prove your book will sell onrepparttar 126368 merit of your name, only; without regard to what is actually insiderepparttar 126369 cover. They, also, expect you to work so hard at your presentation thatrepparttar 126370 book is ready for publication before submitting. Though, most ofrepparttar 126371 time, it goes into a pile of manuscripts; to barely be skimmed, unless you have already developed a name.

In addition, publishers either want your writing to fit within their specific doctrinal guidelines or they wantrepparttar 126372 writing to be so non-controversial that all religions will accept it. All this is without consideration as to ifrepparttar 126373 Spirit is actually speaking throughrepparttar 126374 writing.

Poetry critiquers do not like me very well, either. Oh, wait! Maybe it isrepparttar 126375 other way around. First, you write, in hope of meeting someone else's acceptance and approval. Talk about messing with your self-esteem, that will do it. You may have to spend money for them to even look at your writing. But when you do, you are almost assured they will tell you what you had hoped to hear ~ that your writing is absolutely wonderful! You can pretty much guarantee that those who offer self-publishing will really love your writing, too. However,repparttar 126376 price for encouragement, on that level, is considerably higher. Then, there are contests wherein expense is required, either to enter or to claim your prize. In other circles, we call it gambling.

Though, if you are otherwise accepted, you may be required to pay forrepparttar 126377 honor of having your writing listed among them. However, unless you tell all your friends, no one that knows you will ever see it. And, allrepparttar 126378 rest will not even remember your name.

Such as these take unfair advantage; manipulatingrepparttar 126379 heart strings of those whose dream in life is to, one day, be a writer. In fact, most such cons stay within legalized limits; but steal from your wallet, none-the-less. I am not a writer wanna be. In fact, I am not even a writer. I do not seek to become a writer. But, I could keep going with this skeptism as, when I do write, it is with motivation and purpose. Maybe I just have a lot of issues. :-) What got me going, this time, was a shared link to a website implying they were interested in original Christian writing submissions. However, in addition to all else, they suggested that 'if you wait forrepparttar 126380 Spirit's moving, you may never write'. So, at that point, I was no longer annoyed but a bit ticked. Ifrepparttar 126381 Spirit is not in it, it should not be written. Shame on them!

When God inspires one to write, it does not need criticized. There are times when a different arrangement of words would read more smoothly. And, definitely, proofing helpsrepparttar 126382 reader to be able to better absorb content. However,repparttar 126383 intent in which God gave it should never be changed. God does not do anything inferior. Only, some take it upon themselves to think they know more than God.

But, also, as is really obvious (whenrepparttar 126384 only accepted poetry submission is 'non-rhyming poetry', regardless of content), those have pre-determined what good poetry is ~ while they look down uponrepparttar 126385 rest. That might be a good deal, to at least know what is expected. Only, no two critics agree on what good poetry is.

Cookbook Publishing - The Basic Ingredients and the Secrets to Success

Written by Denise Hamilton

You are about to embark onrepparttar most exciting enterprise of your life -- publishing a cook book! You will soon learn that writing a cook book is truly a fun, exciting and challenging project – more than you can imagine. Like me, you can publish your own wildly successful cook book. And if you ask me if I think publishing a cook book is worthrepparttar 126366 time and effort? You bet I do!

My cook book, Fit to Cook – Why ‘Waist’ Time inrepparttar 126367 Kitchen? sold over 250,000 copies (with, I might add, less than 10% of those sales coming from book stores). However, I wasted a great deal of time, back-tracking and scrambling in order to sell all those books because inrepparttar 126368 beginning I did not have a complete grasp ofrepparttar 126369 publishing industry andrepparttar 126370 process of marketing a cook book.

Before you rack your brain figuring out how to write a cook book, and more importantly, how to publish a cook book, take some time to thoroughly researchrepparttar 126371 why and what you are writing about, who you are writing for and when isrepparttar 126372 best time to launch your book.

Whether you want to get published or whether you want to self publish your cook book,repparttar 126373 same basics apply – you need a good understanding ofrepparttar 126374 publishing industry. Withoutrepparttar 126375 basics, will you know if your contracts are in order, that your book isrepparttar 126376 best it can be and that your cook book marketing plan is actually an effective strategy? No – but, knowledge is power. It is crucial that you take enough time to educate yourself aboutrepparttar 126377 entire publishing industry. 

Understanding publishing, andrepparttar 126378 marketing of books, will clearly help you to identify why you are writing a cook book. Perhaps you are writing a cook book just to record secret family recipes or to have all of your own favorite recipes in a book format; maybe you are writing a cook book for a community or church fundraiser; or best of all, your goal is to create a bestseller. Cook books that are written for a very small group do not require business and marketing plans because you already know how many books will be purchased and whorepparttar 126379 buyers are. However, if you are planning to publish your own cook book forrepparttar 126380 mass markets, you need to understand that you have moved beyond author to publisher. That means that you are now a business person whose primary goal isrepparttar 126381 creation of a product to sell. There is no point in printing a book that no one will want to buy. 

When I began writing my own cook book, I naively thought that it would be a two or three month process, and that in no time I would have a book on every book store shelf inrepparttar 126382 country. Ha, ha, ha, chuckle chuckle… Experience is a great educator, but who says that you have to learnrepparttar 126383 hard way? Obviously I had no idea how to publish a cook book inrepparttar 126384 beginning! However, through this article and viarepparttar 126385 publishing course that I and my partners have created, I intend to help you avoid losing time and money. 

How did I create such a successful cook book? The short answer is research, research, research, and then more research. Thankfully I hadrepparttar 126386 wisdom to dorepparttar 126387 research before going to print. But research can, and did, take years. Primarily for that reason, I created a self publishing course, Recipe for Success (Click Here for more information) asrepparttar 126388 most valuable publishing research shortcut in existence.    In my experience, after I learned how to write a cook book I had to learn all about cook book publishing:



ISBN numbers

cataloging in publication data

printing terms like cover stock, bindings, signatures and bluelines

learning how to obtain printing quotes, (crucial in knowing how many books you can afford to print)


graphic design (makesrepparttar 126389 difference between great sales and no sales)

editing (cannot, and I mean cannot, be done by yourself, friends or family)

titles and subtitles (they can make or break a book)

title search (avoid duplicating someone else’s title)

distribution   Next, I had to learn about how to start a business: 

business plan incorporation toll free numbers corporate logos and identity websites shipping arrangements accounting principles   Most importantly I had to become wise about marketing: 

writing a plan

researching competition

understanding target markets

going throughrepparttar 126390 difficult but crucial process of choosing a book title

discoveringrepparttar 126391 importance of a book’s cover – bothrepparttar 126392 front cover andrepparttar 126393 back cover – and how to designrepparttar 126394 cover

looking outside book stores for buyers

learningrepparttar 126395 importance of publicity

discoveringrepparttar 126396 essential need for a stellar media kit and how to create one

approachingrepparttar 126397 media andrepparttar 126398 importance of a good publicist   I learned, and I will share with you, a key point to consider when you are discovering how to write a cook book. Before you even begin to write your cook book, you must identify your target market. Who will actually buy your cook book? It is amazing that so many authors think that “everyone” will want their book, but that is not so. Not “everyone” is a target for anything! – not evenrepparttar 126399 Bible.

Know who will actually buy your book. Interviewingrepparttar 126400 owners of cook book stores and specialty cooking stores can help you to identify cook book trends so that you know what people are actually buying. It is also a good idea to think of corporations and organizations that might benefit by using your book as a promotional item. Approach them even before you go to print, offering them special discounts, opportunities to place their information in a special printing ofrepparttar 126401 book, advertising chances to offer your cook book as a “freebie” withrepparttar 126402 purchase of their product – just to name a few cook book marketing ideas. 

If your cook book is targeted to busy families,repparttar 126403 recipes must be easy to prepare in a short time period; if it is targeted to gourmet cooks,repparttar 126404 recipes must be ofrepparttar 126405 quality that you would expect to find in a four or five star restaurant; if it is targeted to a specific ethnic group,repparttar 126406 recipes must be authentic; but if it is targeted torepparttar 126407 mass market, your cook book must have a very wide scope with recipes that make any mouth water, andrepparttar 126408 ingredients must be readily available in grocery stores. 

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