Write your eBook Fast--First Steps to Finishing Line

Written by Judy Cullins

Write your eBook Fast--First Steps to Finishing Line Judy Cullins 2003 All Rights Reserved.

Why write an eBook?

You want ongoing, lifelong multiple streams of income. You want to raise your credibility and trust ratings with clients or customers. You want to get your message out sorepparttar world can be a better place.

You want to spend only a little time on it. (Would you be willing to spend 4 hours a week?) You want to get it out fast (Would 4-8 weeks be OK?) You want to market for a low-cost investment. And, for some of you, you are ready to be innovative and even take a small risk to get your eBook read by hundreds of thousands, rather than hundreds!

Where are you now?

You have an idea for your eBook; you have a lot of ideas! Take a moment and decide which one you are most passionate about now and will be forrepparttar 108413 next year or two. Focus on one great idea, where you know whatrepparttar 108414 audience needs or wants-- your solutions to their problem.

Or, do you have your eBook well on its way, but aren't finished. You need advice on how to get it done, what's needed to publish (not much!), and how to distribute it to pull continuous monthly sales that can be 1/3 to 1/2 your income?

Who Should Write an eBook?

-If you want to share your unique message world-wide to help people create a better life.

- If you are ready to invest a little to reap a great deal.

- If you are a business person who want to expand your business and be a leader in your field.

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