Write from Home: lessons from the editors

Written by Stephanie Olsen

Writers talk about rejection allrepparttar time just part ofrepparttar 136496 job. But getting rejected by a no-pay publication really scrapesrepparttar 136497 barrel. I know: it's happened to me more than once and now that it's been years [of therapy] later, I can admit lessons learned.

1. Competing Market

My first novice article submission was to an AboutCom site. The writing was good, and loaded with links to other helpful sites. It wasrepparttar 136498 latter that gotrepparttar 136499 piece booted. The website editor simply did not choose to publish articles that might lead readers to sites similar to her own.

This goes directly torepparttar 136500 "study back issues" mandate offered by experienced writers. Even if you don't agree with a specific editor's approach, you need to write to those specifics or submit elsewhere.

2. Preaching torepparttar 136501 Choir

Animal organizations are usually sorely in need of donations, whether financial, by way of goods or content for newsletters. However, an article onrepparttar 136502 care and feeding of feral cats, garnered from years of experience in rescue work, was rejected onrepparttar 136503 grounds that it was targeted torepparttar 136504 wrong readership.

Acting on that advice, I searched out and submitted to "how-to" publications directed at readers not involved in stray cat rescue, and publishedrepparttar 136505 article multiple times. For example, a gardening ezine was interested in it fromrepparttar 136506 point of view of "pest control" rather than any humane reasons per se. Semantics aside, people who might never have readrepparttar 136507 thing in some radical animal rights newsletter were potentially reached.

Hiring Home Based Clerical Typists

Written by linda

Would you like to earn money each week for completing various clerical based projects and assignments from home? You are not required to sell, or recruit but are simply paid to type ads and other media!

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