Write a single article and get loads of free traffic to your blog or web site

Written by Christopher Kyalo

For readers who have always doubtedrepparttar power of well written articles as an online marketing weapon, I recommend this one article test. When I started off posting articles, I wrote only one article and as ignorant and inexperienced as I was in those days, I still got some traffic and response from it.

Of course I have learnt a great deal since then. This isrepparttar 135627 knowledge you are about to receive in this article so that by writing only a single article, you will be able to receive loads of traffic to your web site or blog. If nothing else, this should be able to help you gauge how effective articles will be for you inrepparttar 135628 long term.

Actually all you need to do is to observe these 4 simple rules.

1) Your headline is everything

Probablyrepparttar 135629 most important thing to consider is your headline. Spend much more time on your headline than onrepparttar 135630 writing of your article.

Here is a simple example to show you how importantrepparttar 135631 headline is. When you visit a site, even your favourite site or blog, how do you decide what you are going to click on and read? It is fromrepparttar 135632 headline is it not?

The greatest article inrepparttar 135633 world will be useless ifrepparttar 135634 headline does not cry out to be read. This is preciselyrepparttar 135635 reason why an article I posted last week already has over 100 hits at one ofrepparttar 135636 sites where I posted it and an article I posted three months ago atrepparttar 135637 same site has hardly managed 30 hits.

If you want a single article to have an impact for you, you will have to come up with a headline that will generate clicks, lots of them as people click to eagerly read what you have to say.

Ways to Promote your Website

Written by A. Ferraris

Now a days thier are many ways to promote your Website. Knowing your target is very important in promoting your website.

What arerepparttar ways to increase your traffic?

1. You need a very interesting content and also update your content. Search engine loves to spider website that updates it's content.

2. Increase your content and number of pages. The pages will act as small gate way to your website.

3. Offer free or prizes forrepparttar 135614 visitors. This would makerepparttar 135615 visitor to advertise your website and make them return to your site.

4. Link exchange with other website. Better if you exchange with similar website.The most popular way to increase traffic.

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