Write a Song on the Guitar

Written by Steve Bishop

Write a Song onrepparttar Guitar

Most songs that have ever written can be broadly grouped into one of several categories; songs written around a chord progression, songs written around a melody, or songs written around a riff:

• Chord Progressions - In songs written around a chord progression,repparttar 138384 writer creates an interesting series of chords, then organizes a vocal melody and an arrangement around that progression.

• Melody - This is probablyrepparttar 138385 most common method of songwriting. The composer starts with a vocal melody, and around that melody creates a chord progression and song arrangement.

• Riff - These songs are born out of a guitar (or other type of instrumental) riff, after which a vocal melody (which often mimicsrepparttar 138386 guitar riff) and chord progression are added.

If you choose to developrepparttar 138387 song in a minor key this will giverepparttar 138388 whole piece a sad or moody feel. While writing in a major key will give you an upbeat happy tune.

Many songwriters will use both major and minor keys within their songs, perhaps choosing a minor key forrepparttar 138389 verse, and a major key forrepparttar 138390 chorus, or vice versa. This has a nice effect as is good forrepparttar 138391 listener as it helps break uprepparttar 138392 monotony that sometimes results when a song lingers in one key.

Of allrepparttar 138393 aspects involved with creating new songs, writing a strong melody is undoubtedlyrepparttar 138394 most commonly overlooked and possiblyrepparttar 138395 hardest component of music, particularly with modern pop/rock music. This wasn't alwaysrepparttar 138396 case becauserepparttar 138397 pop songwriters ofrepparttar 138398 1930's and 1940's focused only on writing melodies and in many cases it wasrepparttar 138399 basis for a song, with lyrics and chords only added in later to giverepparttar 138400 song more depth.

Mykill, drummer of SLAYER TRIBUTE Dead Skin Mask, talks about his set-up, past projects, and their cd release.

Written by Javier Escandoza

I e-mailed Mykill,repparttar drummer of Slayer tribute band Dead Skin Mask. I'm not sure what he prefers to be called. His name is Mike Aresco (Michael, hence spelling as Mykill). He is an interesting character, to sayrepparttar 138309 least. After seeing them for them twice, this time with a 60% new line up, I wanted to see what they are doing and what news of their CD release is available. This is what Mykill said:

Javier: That is some set you play.

Mykill: Well, no, not really. It is necessary for this music. Slayer does not use a small rinky-dink drum set, nor do I. You see, Slayers albums, all have use of a big set. The only album you could get away with some small, crappy 5-piece set is, maybe, SHOW NO MERCY. From HAUNTING THE CHAPEL to GHUA, there is NO WAY. So, any Slayer tribute that has any less than 11 pieces of drums on that stage, had better stick to songs off SHOW NO MERCY, less AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR.

Javier: Tama and Paiste. That helps bring Slayer's music to life?

Mykill: Well, yeah! The TAMA (drums) part ofrepparttar 138310 music isrepparttar 138311 least detectable. It is real hard to listen to a cd and tell what brands of drums are used. There are too many variables, like, what heads are onrepparttar 138312 drums, mic placement, or what effects and equalization are inrepparttar 138313 mix. TAMA are very strong, look great, and stay adjusted. I have NOT screwed with my MTH 100 tom holders, since I bought them in '91! The MTH 900 isrepparttar 138314 same way. The PAISTE (cymbals) part, there is a huge difference betweenrepparttar 138315 sound of PAISTE andrepparttar 138316 other brands. PAISTE isrepparttar 138317 best sounding cymbal you can get. If you ask me... there is no other choice. Even if Slayer did not use them, I would. They sound like no other and they are gorgeous to look at. I'd rather buy these brands, forever, rather than ever get others for free, actually. Fortunately Paul (Bostaph), and Dave (Lombardo) are smart AND have good taste!

Javier: Have you seen or heard any other SLAYER tributes?

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