Write a Power Press Release and Get a Feature Story-Seven Times as Valuable as Advertising

Written by Judy Cullins

Do you send out press releases? Have they brought you financial rewards? If not, you may want to rethink how to write a good one-one that editors pay attention to. If editors noticeand love your press release, they will want to interview you for a feature story. The feature story not only gets you valuable attention, it also brings credibility to you, your products, and your services. It is seven times more valuable than advertising.

For example, in a large city daily newspaper, your feature story can get editorial space worth anywhere from $1500 to over $5000 in "free advertising." This space is worth seven times as much as an ad because it impliesrepparttar newspaper endorses you.

You have only seven seconds to impress, so be sure your news release has an outrageous heading that includes a benefit. Then, be able to prove it. What do you think of these? "Design Every Part of Your Book as a Selling Tool," "Double, even Triple your Online Sales Through Outrageous Headlines," from which I created this one my Web site: "Double, even Quadruple your Web Sales Through Opt-in Ezines"

Market Yourself Throughrepparttar 100958 Media Interview

Always askrepparttar 100959 interviewer is there any problem with mentioning your phone number or Web site address. What good is a feature if your audience can't get in touch with you? They usually say yes.

A Cold, Hard Look At Why E-zine Advertising...Doesn't Work!

Written by Dave Cole

As you know e-zine advertising has been touted by many ofrepparttar Internet guru's as beingrepparttar 100957 advertising method of choice.

And certainly advertising inrepparttar 100958 right e-zine will get you desirable results.


Today we're going to blowrepparttar 100959 whistle on it and take a look at some things about e-zine advertising you were never told.

A year or so ago, I placed a top sponsor ad in a fairly well known e-zine. The subscriber base was claimed at being over 45,000.

The ad I placed was a proven one, and I fully expected at least a 2% response rate.

The ad ran on a Thursday. I waited. Then I waited, and waited some more.

Not one single response.


A week later I wroterepparttar 100960 editor and he ran it a second time.

Again, not one single response.

The plot thickens.......

A month or so after that, I happened to have some time on my hands and was actually reading through some ofrepparttar 100961 messages in my test accounts at Yahoo and Hotmail. I use these accounts to mail tests of various newsletters/etc. to check for how they are going to come out.

Lo and behold, I noticed something very interesting. Not only was I gettingrepparttar 100962 usual spam from address gleaners, but also there were many e-zines being sent to me at these test account addresses.

There is absolutely no way I ever subscribed to any of these e-zines viarepparttar 100963 test accounts. The only way they could have gotten my address is to have harvested it or purchased it as being harvested.

(NOTE: there is software that runs overrepparttar 100964 Web harvesting email addresses. These addresses are then sold, and in may cases advertised as being opt-in addresses)

(Now you know why and how you have been getting so much spam...more about this in a future issue)

Back torepparttar 100965 story.....just so happened thatrepparttar 100966 e-zine I had placed that ad in had me subscribed to not only 1, but 2 of my test accounts.

So I really wonder, just how many other bogus addresses were in that guys list of 45,000? You know it's pretty easy to build a newsletter list of numbers using unscrupulous methods. The numbers look impressive andrepparttar 100967 editors can charge bigger and bigger dollars for adverts withrepparttar 100968 high numbers.......

But numbers don't necessarily mean readers or good addresses.

Another thing you need to watch for is: do editors remove their undeliverable addresses?

People change addresses, addresses get shut down, mailboxes get full, etc. and all these are undeliverable. But many editors never take those undeliverable numbers off their total subscriber count.

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