Write a Better Online Personal Ad

Written by Tracy Brant at Datreable.com

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Write a Better Online Personal Ad By Tracy Brant at Dateable.com

If you are going to invest time or money in using a matchmaking website, you should really pay some attention to writing a profile that will get you some responses. People will not be interested in emailing you if you do not do something to make yourself stand out fromrepparttar 131324 masses of people using personal ads.

I administer several dating websites. People frequently write in saying, "I never get any replies to my ad." And when I go look atrepparttar 131325 ad, I find that they have not filled outrepparttar 131326 profile, or added a photo. Who can tell if they want to email you if there is no information? Not quite as bad, but still ineffective, is a profile that says, "Email me for details" or "looking for a nice person." You can't bother to write a paragraph to findrepparttar 131327 love of your life? Or even a fun date forrepparttar 131328 weekend?

Here are some guidelines for writing effective personal ad blurbs:

INVESTMENT. Decide that this is worth spending some time on, or don't bother. You wouldn't submit a sloppy resume, would you? This is about making a good first impression, because there will be no second chance once someone clicks torepparttar 131329 next ad.

MARKETING. You are marketing yourself... trying to stand out in a crowd. You arerepparttar 131330 "product." andrepparttar 131331 people you want to meet are your customers. Think about who you want to meet, and then think about who THEY want to meet! How can you tell them that YOU arerepparttar 131332 person they want to meet? Magazine ads, for example, grab your attention, make you laugh, they make you think "wow, what a great thing... I want to buy it." They can be short, but pack a punch. If they are long, they tell a good story. Marketers test their different ad campaigns, and you should, too. Try placing different ads to see what gets you a better result.

PREPARATION. Before you log in anywhere, do some thinking and writing. Don't wait until you are faced with a blinking cursor to write your blurb. Give serious thought to how you will describe yourself andrepparttar 131333 person you hope to find. Write at least two paragraphs, one about yourself, and one aboutrepparttar 131334 person you seek. Ask someone you trust to read those paragraphs and comment on how well they reflect who you are and what you want. Save that text to cut and paste into dating website forms. Have a digital photo or two ready.

OPENING LINES. Use your username... don't be Bob3456... be PaintBallPrincess or SecretSuperHero or something else that reflects your sense of humor and yourself. Ifrepparttar 131335 ad allows you a "subject line" also use that well... "Need woman in Atlanta" doesn't cut it. "Atlanta man on a mission" sounds more interesting. "Atlanta Knight seeks his Queen" tells a different story about who you are seeking. Use your username and subject line to hook people into your ad. Use humor, drama, a funky metaphor. Then, like any good ad, you want to show them you are what they need, show them why you are unique, and invite them to take action... by emailing you!

DETAILS. Write in complete sentences. Spelling and grammar DO count. We have modern tools to help with that. You want to look like you find this task important enough to spell outrepparttar 131336 words. Unless you are 15 years old, writing "If u r inrested n me, wrt 2 me" makes you LOOK 15 years old. ALL CAPS IS LIKE SHOUTING... don't. It is actually harder to read.

HONESTY. If you are not honest with yourself and others, you will not find happiness inrepparttar 131337 personals. Are you married? You know, people CAN figure that out and will resentrepparttar 131338 lie more thanrepparttar 131339 wedding ring. Without making any value judgements, putting down "married" will not necessarily stop you from finding matches. If you are just looking for a casual date, don't imply that you are looking for marriage just to get more email... it wastes everyone's time. If you are looking for a long-term thing, don't think you can "convince" a casual date to spend more time with you. You are asking for disappointment. Try completing this sentence: "In a year, I'd like to see us doing...."

Your Body is a Mirror of Your Life

Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Your Body Is The Mirror Of Your Life Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness. Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being. You decide what ideas to accept and which to reject. You decide what to think, and you decide what to feel. When these decisions leave you with residual stress, you experiencerepparttar stress as if in your physical body. We know that stress creates symptoms. The interesting question is, "Which stress creates which symptoms?" When we are able to quantify this process, we are then able to seerepparttar 131321 body as a map ofrepparttar 131322 person's consciousness, relating particular symptoms to particular stresses and particular ways of being, inrepparttar 131323 same way that Type "A" Behavior has been able to be associated with heart disease. Everything Starts In Your Consciousness To understand this map, we must first orient ourselves torepparttar 131324 idea thatrepparttar 131325 causes of symptoms are within. While it's true that germs cause disease and accidents cause injuries, it is also true that this happens in accord with what is happening inrepparttar 131326 consciousness ofrepparttar 131327 person involved. Germs are everywhere. Why are some people affected and not others? Something different is happening in their consciousness. Why do some patients in hospitals respond better to treatment than others? They have different attitudes. Something different is happening in their consciousness When someone is injured in an "accident," why is it that a very specific part ofrepparttar 131328 body is affected, and that it isrepparttar 131329 same part that has had habitual problems? Is that an "accident," or is there a pattern and an order torepparttar 131330 way things happen in our bodies? You Are A Being of Energy Your consciousness, your experience of Being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it "Life Energy" for now. This energy does not just live in your brain; it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body. Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every organ and every tissue, and a number of therapies are based on this communication withrepparttar 131331 organs which have been affected by some kind of symptom or disorder. This energy which is your consciousness, and which reflects your state of consciousness, can be measured throughrepparttar 131332 process known as Kirlian photography. When you take a Kirlian photograph of your hand, it shows a certain pattern of energy. If you take a second photograph while imagining that you are sending love and energy to someone you know, there will be a different pattern of energy shown onrepparttar 131333 Kirlian photograph. Thus, we can see that a change in your consciousness creates a change inrepparttar 131334 energy field that is being photographed, which we callrepparttar 131335 aura. This energy field shown inrepparttar 131336 Kirlian photographs has been quantified, so that when there are "holes" in particular parts ofrepparttar 131337 energy field, these are said to correspond to particular weaknesses in specific parts ofrepparttar 131338 physical body. The interesting thing about this is thatrepparttar 131339 weakness shows up inrepparttar 131340 energy field before there is ever any evidence of it onrepparttar 131341 physical level. Thus, we have an interesting direction of manifestation shown through what we have described. 1. A change of consciousness creates a change inrepparttar 131342 energy field. 2. A change inrepparttar 131343 energy field happens before a change inrepparttar 131344 physical body. The direction of manifestation is fromrepparttar 131345 consciousness, throughrepparttar 131346 energy field, torepparttar 131347 physical body. Consciousness------1------>Energy Field------2------>Physical Body

When we look at things in this way, we see that it is notrepparttar 131348 physical body creatingrepparttar 131349 energy field,repparttar 131350 aura, but ratherrepparttar 131351 aura or energy field that is creatingrepparttar 131352 physical body. What we see asrepparttar 131353 physical body isrepparttar 131354 end result of a process that begins withrepparttar 131355 consciousness. We Each Create Our Reality When someone makes a decision that leaves them with stress, creating a blockage inrepparttar 131356 energy field with a sufficient degree of intensity, this creates a symptom onrepparttar 131357 physical level. The symptom speaks a certain language, which reflectsrepparttar 131358 idea that we each create our own reality. Whenrepparttar 131359 symptom is described from that point of view,repparttar 131360 metaphoric significance ofrepparttar 131361 symptom becomes clear. Thus, instead of saying, "I can't see,"repparttar 131362 person would have to say, "I have been keeping myself from seeing something." If they cannot walk, they would have to say, "I have been keeping myself from walking away from something." And so on. We must understand that there are no accidents and no coincidences. Things do happen according to a pattern and order.

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