Write Your Weekly Ezine in 5-Minutes! (or better yet, don't write it at all)

Written by Ron Hutton

Copyright 2005 Ron Hutton

How to write your ezine in 5 minutes by legally and ethically stealing other peopleís articles...

There are virtual storehouses of awesome articles and reports just waiting online for you to tap into. Theyíre ready and available for your use; and, in fact,repparttar authors very much want you to go grab them and use their articles.

You donít even have to search very far. Youíre only a scroll and a click away from a list of sites and locations that will provide you with hundreds of articles that you can browse, pick up and publish for free.

Free article content and syndicated article content is pretty muchrepparttar 149015 same thing. The main difference is that syndicated article content is published or delivered either throughrepparttar 149016 use of a service or a script feed. Free article content is usually hosted onrepparttar 149017 authorís site with his or her expressed permission for you to use it.

A few general rules to consider in your quest for quick-and-easy newsletter content:

1) Look for content that fits well withrepparttar 149018 theme of your newsletter.

2) Answer this question for yourself... "Is this information of any value to my subscribers?"

3) How can I potentially benefit by using this article? And, yes, I am referring to money.

Points 1 and 2 above are obviously important considerations, and I donít really need to dwell on them.

Point 3 is equally important.

Authors who provide free articles for your use will always require that you include their "resource box" atrepparttar 149019 end ofrepparttar 149020 article. This is right and proper sincerepparttar 149021 author deserves to be recognized and it's their copyrighted material.

Are you asking yourself this question:

"Ifrepparttar 149022 article isn't mine, andrepparttar 149023 resource box isn't mine, how inrepparttar 149024 world am I going to take this 5-minute newsletter and turn it into income?!"

Good question. Read on.

An important key to monetizingrepparttar 149025 fre article content that you're borrowing from someone else is to seek out authors who will allow you to use an affiliate link to their products or services withinrepparttar 149026 resource box. The resource box is usually four or five lines that lead you torepparttar 149027 author's site.

Using Graphic Design on Your Website

Written by Andrew Eaton

Copyright 2005 Andrew Eaton

Almost everything is available onrepparttar webÖ products, services, e-books, software, audios, videos, membership sites, or newsletters. Regardless of what youíre promoting, thereís a never-ending supply of prospects and customers onrepparttar 149014 world-wide-web. Your goal is to capture and turn those prospects into paying customers.

Perhapsrepparttar 149015 best avenue is byrepparttar 149016 use of graphics. Three important sections of graphics that should be used for a compelling website are 1) header graphics 2) product cover and 3) background graphics.

Letís start atrepparttar 149017 top withrepparttar 149018 header graphics. Without excellent quality header graphics it wonít much matter whatís onrepparttar 149019 rest ofrepparttar 149020 page. Hereís why. Once a prospect clicks on your site youíve got approximately 8 seconds to convince him to continue withrepparttar 149021 information youíre providing. You only get one chance to make a dynamic first impression.

The next area is your product cover. No matter what youíre selling you should have a product cover. Even if youíre promoting services you should still have a graphic image. People want to see what they are getting for their money. Thereís no better way to do it than with a picture. Thereís an old saying, ď You canít judge a book by its cover.Ē Guess what? Most people do exactly that! Their opinion is based upon a visual image. Even as you read, your mind creates visual images ofrepparttar 149022 perception ofrepparttar 149023 words. Make sure your product cover fitsrepparttar 149024 bill. Donít sell this area short!

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