Write Your Book

Written by Andy Walsh

It's said that we've all got a book inside us just waiting to come out. Well, that may be so, but I think that many of us are put off because ofrepparttar sheer size ofrepparttar 129664 thing andrepparttar 129665 commitment that we need to put intorepparttar 129666 project.

I'd like to offer a few suggestions that might help you to overcome your fears and write that book.

1. Read everything you can.

I good writer is often a good reader. I read torepparttar 129667 point of obsession. In 2001, I read just over 100 books. Most were novels though I managed to fit in a few biographies, poetry collections and technical books. I spend half an hour reading every morning. I get up, make coffee forrepparttar 129668 two of us, then read untilrepparttar 129669 children come bouncing intorepparttar 129670 bedroom. Again at night, I try to spend a bit of time reading too. You can always find somewhere or sometime to read.

2. Work out an achievable workload.

I work at home. So I can set myself a demanding target. I normally aim to write 2000 words per day minimum. I takerepparttar 129671 weekends off, so it should be perfectly possible for me to write a full-length novel in a couple of months.

So, given your circumstances, how much can you write a day?

A Year in the Life of a Writer

Written by Andy Walsh

For those of you who don't know what I'm about, here's a short summary.

I'm a writer living in England. I have written a novel, 'St Brodag's Isle', which is supported by a website (http://www.stbrodag.com) and a newsletter. 2002 is going to be my campaign year - a year in which I intend to make a living out of my writing. As I go throughrepparttar year, I'll be posting articles such as this one, which will detail repparttar 129662 step-by-step approach that I'm going to be taking. I'll be honest with my failures as well as my triumphs. And in a year's time I hope to be looking back at a year that exceeded my expectations.

Right, so what have I been up to in recent weeks? I'm glad you asked.

My subscription list has DOUBLED! Granted, I don't have a list of 20,000 members but I reckon that's not a bad performance since Christmas. And what about sales of my book? Well, again it's progress - long, hard, slow progress - but progress nonetheless. I won't be moving to Monaco just yet but I might be able to buy food next week!

Now, I'm going to let you intorepparttar 129663 secret of how I've made a difference to my subscription list. It's simply this - I've talked to a few people. Not just any old people. I've interviewed some published writers and promoted this to people and fan sites that I think will generate interest.

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