"Write Some Articles!"

Written by David McKenzie

“But I’m just an affiliate. I haven’t got time. I shouldn’t have to write articles. I can get allrepparttar good content I want from my affiliate programs.” That’s usually true, but more often than not your visitors are after unique content. Writing your own articles can often be repparttar 129744 most powerful marketing weapon you use. Believe it or not, your visitors actually want to read what you have to say at your site, not what other people have to say. They are looking for independent content that perhaps supports or refutes something they read on another site. Besides, they may have already read allrepparttar 129745 articles written by other people you feature at your site elsewhere onrepparttar 129746 internet. While it is perfectly reasonable and beneficial to feature “other peoples articles” at your site, you should also feature your own. Here are 4 reasons why you should write some of your own articles: 1. It is unique content that distinguishes you from about 90% of all other affiliates. That’srepparttar 129747 percentage of affiliates not writing articles! 2. People need content. For their web site or for their newsletter people are always in constant need for new, fresh content. This means articles that you write can be featured on

Travel Writing

Written by Jack Adler

Travel Writing could be calledrepparttar ultimate dream job. Imagine travelingrepparttar 129741 world and getting paid to tell about your experiences … or sharing your favorite local spots with readers acrossrepparttar 129742 country …. or even being offered special treatment and complimentary travel. So how do you turn your vacation fun into a money-making profession? How to Break In as a Travel Writer will tell you what it’s really like to be a travel writer, where and how to sell your travel material, and how much you can expect to earn. Current active travel writers will share with you their experiences and their inside tips on how you can be a successful travel writer. And Your Game Plan will get you started today, with a step-by-step action plan.

Below, you will meet some people who are doing it with success.

Norm Sklarewitz - freelance travel writer ******************************************************* Norm lives in Los Angeles, California. He has written thousands of magazine and newspaper articles and columns since being engaged exclusively as a freelance journalist. He also has been Los Angeles Bureau Chief for U.S. News & World Report, and a staff reporter for repparttar 129743 Wall Street Journal, which included a stint forrepparttar 129744 paper while based in Tokyo.

Here’s our conversation with Norm -

** What is your daily schedule? ** -----------------------------------

Actually, there really is no one typical day. Some days can be making a lot of phone calls, researching, and writing, while other days can be 25-50 percent administrative in writing queries and responding to questions from editors regarding assignments and stories already turned in. I check my email frequently, probably compulsively. I find that email has taken over 90 percent of communication. Faxes have almost stopped. And some days involve meetings, interviews out of my office at home, and going to industry functions. But no day is like a nine to five day. I often work late into repparttar 129745 night and start early as well. To reach someone on repparttar 129746 East Coast I have to make calls early. I work heavily with Asian sources, and their day begins around four to five p.m. my time, so I'm working till 10 p.m. to make sure I get what I need before I go to bed.

** Why do you enjoy being a freelance writer? ** ------------------------------------

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