Write, Finish, Publish, and Sell your eBook Fast: First Steps to Finishing Line

Written by Judy Cullins

Why write an eBook? (Where do you want to be?)

You want ongoing, lifelong multiple streams of income. You want to raise your credibility and trust ratings with clients or customers. You want to get your message out sorepparttar world can be a better place.

Yet, You want to spend only a little time on it. (Would you be willing to spend 4 hours a week?) You want to get it out fast (Would 4-6 weeks be OK?) You want to market Online at a low-cost investment. And, for some of you, you are ready to be innovative and even take a small risk to get your eBook read by millions, rather than hundreds!

Where are you now?

You haverepparttar 108451 idea for your eBook; you have a lot of ideas! Take a moment and decide which one you are most passionate about now and will be forrepparttar 108452 next year. Focus on one great idea, then add others you know will work.

You have your eBook well on its way, but aren't finished. You need advice on how to get it done, what's needed to publish (not much!), and how to distribute it.

Who Should Write an eBook? - If you are ready to invest a little to reap a great deal. - If you are a business person who want to serve a wider community. - If you have a unique message you want to share withrepparttar 108453 world -If are willing to write, publish yourself, and sell 2 years ahead of traditional publishing - If you want to create active, lifelong streams of income -If you want to promote yourself, service or products

How to get there.(Build and Sell your eBook atrepparttar 108454 same time)

Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you includerepparttar 108455 essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points" before you write chapter one, you'll sell more books than you ever dreamed of!

1. Write for your one preferred audience. Not everyone wants your book. Find out what audience wants/needs your book? What problems does your book solve for them? Create an audience profile and keep your audience's picture in front of you as you write. Ask yourself, is my topic narrow enough? The Chicken Soup For The Teenager, For The Prisoner, and other specific groups sold far more copies thanrepparttar 108456 original Chicken Soup.

2. Write a sizzling book title including benefits. You have 8 seconds to hook your potential buyer. While an eBook cover doesn't need fancy graphics you will want to create one that can be printed both in color and black and white. It must be easy to see and read. Your title and cover should compel your audience to buy.

How to Discover If Your E-Book Idea Will Sell - Before You Actually Write It

Written by Joe Vitale

Jim Edwards sent out a survey about e-books. He asked a variety of questions. Butrepparttar number one thing everyone wanted to know was this: "How do I find out if my e-book will sell---before I write it?"

Obviously, that's a great question. If anyone could accurately determinerepparttar 108450 salability of an e-book before it was written, that person could be a billionaire. Every aspiring author would hire him, or her, to judge their idea.

The truth is, there is no guaranteed way to 100% accurately test an idea for an e-book before you actually begin to sell it. Yes, you can run ads for your e-book and see if it will fly or not. But that's not totally accurate. Or guaranteed. And if people buy and you don't deliver that e-book within 30 days, it's also illegal.

But there *is* a way to massively improverepparttar 108451 odds of your e-book being somethingrepparttar 108452 public will want. This is something you can do right now, before you write a word of your e-book.

Let me explain this system to you:

I researchedrepparttar 108453 1800s to write my book on P.T. Barnum.

I researchedrepparttar 108454 1920s to write my book on Bruce Barton.

I researchedrepparttar 108455 last 150 years to write my book on ads.

And I've been researching ancient Roman history to write a forthcoming book on old world marketing practices. What I discovered inrepparttar 108456 most unforgettable way is that in every era, people wantedrepparttar 108457 exact same things.

People never change. They will always haverepparttar 108458 same basic desires. Technology will change. People won't. Today we have e-books. That's a new technology. Yet what people want to read in those e-books will remainrepparttar 108459 same as always. Human desires are hard-wired into our DNA.

That's good. By knowing what people want, you can profit from their desires. And since their desires are predictable, your ability to make money from your ideas just got a lot more bankable, as well.

So, what exactly do people want to read about?

First,repparttar 108460 top three general categories are these: Food, sex, and money.

There will *always* be a market for new cookbooks, new books on love, and new books on ways to make money. That will never change. Ever. So if you have an idea that fits in one of those categories---and if it's a new spin on existing ideas---you may have a wining race horse.

Second, Jim Edwards and I identifiedrepparttar 108461 TOP Ten tried and true subjects for e-books in our own e-book, "How to Write and Publish Your Own e-Book in as little as 7 Days."

Our own research proves these ten resaons are just as reliable asrepparttar 108462 three more general ones that I discovered. These arerepparttar 108463 subjects people will *always* want to know about. Since those subjects are listed in our e-book, I won't discuss them here.

Third, after Jim and I wrote our e-book, we discovered 16 more subjects that people always want to know about. These, too, are proven hot buttons for people. When I reviewed my studies fromrepparttar 108464 last several years, I realized that these 16 topics are things people will always want to know more about, too. Here they are:

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