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Written by Dave Gilis

PageRank (PR) is one ofrepparttar most important concepts in Internet marketing. It is widely considered asrepparttar 150245 most important factor inrepparttar 150246 Google search relevancy algorithm that determines ranking of websites on Google’s search results. Having a high PageRank is a must if you wish to attract visitors or customers to your website.

The PageRank principle is simple

The higherrepparttar 150247 PR of your siterepparttar 150248 higher will be its search engine position. Sorepparttar 150249 goal is to get lots of sites linking to your site. But quality is much more important than quantity. The higherrepparttar 150250 PR ofrepparttar 150251 sites that link to yoursrepparttar 150252 more they boost your sites PR.

When planning your effort, always remember than one link from a PR-6 or PR-7 site is worth indefinitely more than hundreds of links from PR-0 or PR-1 sites.

In addition, you should aim to include your link on pages with as few other links as possible. Pages with over 25 links have little value. Additional factors that go intorepparttar 150253 algorithm includerepparttar 150254 amount of different sites that point to yours (10 links from 10 different sites count much more than 10 links fromrepparttar 150255 same site) andrepparttar 150256 inclusion of your keywords inrepparttar 150257 text ofrepparttar 150258 links.

As a general rule of thumb, a one-way, high PageRank link will give your site a PR two points below that ofrepparttar 150259 linking page. So a link from a PR-8 site should get your site a PR-6. However, atrepparttar 150260 lower end ofrepparttar 150261 scale, I have seen a PR-5 turn a new PR-0 site into a PR-4.

The effects of having a high PageRank (PR)

Most industries, market niches and business sectors only have a PR5 or PR6 site asrepparttar 150262 top ranking result. The implication is that you can dominate a niche or local market on search engines without investing too much money or time. For example, you can buy keyword rich text links on networks of sites that have a PR of 8-9 for $ 500-2,000 a month. Doing this is likely to get you a PR of 6 or 7 right outrepparttar 150263 gate. The implication is that your site will appear as number one when users search Google for key phrases related to your market niche.

Where to start

Before starting to actually work on improving your PR, be sure to installrepparttar 150264 Google Toolbar on your browser. The Toolbar shows a value (on a log scale) of 0-10 for each website that corresponds torepparttar 150265 underlying PR of that page. The average website with little or no marketing support is typically PR1 to PR3. Google is updatingrepparttar 150266 PR level it displays inrepparttar 150267 Google Toolbar about once every three months so patience is required until you can seerepparttar 150268 results of any PR building campaign.

Since PR is all about links you’ll have to know who already links to you. You can either userepparttar 150269 Google Toolbar by selecting "Backward Links" or type in Google “link:www.yourpage.com”

The easy ways

There are two easy ways to get a site with high PageRank:

Buy one – at any given time there are thousands of websites offered for sale on ebay and other sites with moderately high PR. You can buy one in an industry of your choosing and adapt it to your needs. When your site is new you will have a PR of 0. But that’s not a problem if you, or a close friend, own another site with a high PR. Lets sayrepparttar 150270 other site has a PR5 website. If you link to your new site from allrepparttar 150271 pages ofrepparttar 150272 high PR site, thenrepparttar 150273 new site would automatically get at least a PR4. If you don’t own a high PR site and neither do your friends, don’t worry. There are other options. Buy Links with High PageRank

You can easily buy PR buy renting text links from sites that have high PR. Links can be acquired through numerous intermediary sites such as Linkadage, Linkauctions or Text-Link-Ads. Typical rates for high PR links are:

PR5 text link: $7-20/mo. PR6 text link: $25-$50/mo. PR7 text link: $65-$100/mo. PR8 text link: $100-200/mo. PR9 text link: $ 700-1300/mo But buying links is best if used as a short term strategy to support a campaign for several months. For long terms purposes, move away fromrepparttar 150274 pay for high PR links and seek other methods such as high quality reciprocal link partners, directory listings or improved content. Directory Links

The most popular directories are Yahoo and DMOZ. But paying $ 299 a year for inclusion in Yahoo’s directory is usually not a wise investment since too many sites are listed in each page andrepparttar 150275 PR benefit you’ll receive is inadequate. Inclusion inrepparttar 150276 DMOZ is free and important but unfortunately most sites get rejected or ignored.

You should seek those directories that have a high PR on their homepage but more important also onrepparttar 150277 category that interests you. The PR your website will receive from inclusion on these directories is also a function ofrepparttar 150278 number of other links onrepparttar 150279 page where your site’s link will appear. The fewer links,repparttar 150280 higherrepparttar 150281 PR you will receive. So your top priorities are directories with high PR and few other links inrepparttar 150282 relevant category page. Visit Directoryarchives to find lists of niche directories to submit your link.

Some ofrepparttar 150283 older directories have over time built up a PR6 or PR7. Butrepparttar 150284 smaller and newer directories typically buy their PR through text links ads on more popular sites. In turn they typically charge a $ 25-40 registration fee. Some of these newer directories have smaller category structures which mean that you may buy a link that will deliver a PR4 or PR5 that may last many years for that one time fee.

Copy your Competitors

It's quite easy to find out where your competitors get their links from. If you don’t know who your top competitors are, all you have to do is query Google forrepparttar 150285 main key phrases in your market andrepparttar 150286 result page will list your top competitors. Next, Visitrepparttar 150287 homepage of each competitor, and inrepparttar 150288 Page Info dropdown box ofrepparttar 150289 Google Toolbar, select "Backward Links". You will then see a list of pages that link torepparttar 150290 page you are visiting. It won't list every page, but will list allrepparttar 150291 ones worth getting a link from. Write downrepparttar 150292 URLs linking to each competitor and continue until you have some one hundred URLs from about 10 competitors. Than, send a personalized email torepparttar 150293 owner or webmaster of each of these sites requesting a link or a reciprocal link.

Online Network Marketing 101B - Basic Must Steps To Follow To Be A Successful Marketer

Written by Henry Tanaka

In my earlier article, “Online Network Marketing 101A”, I wroterepparttar first three things that you have to do in order for you to start your career to be a successful marketer. We are going to talk about some ofrepparttar 150219 actions that you can do to enhance your experience of being a successful marketer. Here are some keywords that you ought to have written down fromrepparttar 150220 previous articles.

o Learn o Practice o Be Creative o Take Action.

Before we go on, remember that all of these habits are optional. Everybody is able to do them provided that they are willing to. The harder you use them,repparttar 150221 better you will be. It’s all inrepparttar 150222 head.

4. Learn

Some people excel much better compared to others because they haverepparttar 150223 initiative to learn. By going online, we are given access to a lot of things to learn. Learning helps us do better with our work, it guides us each time we are facing troubles and it boosts our confidence as well. The problems with learning are that, it takes time and it takes effort. But learning will not be a hassle anymore if you know very well how important it is for you to learn. Learning can also be exciting if you take it as a challenge. And withrepparttar 150224 internet, learning new things is EASY! Let’s say you have decided that your main method of advertisement will be “Google Adwords”. All you have to do is to typerepparttar 150225 phrase “Google Adword” in Google.com and you will have hundreds of pages and sites dedicated to teach you about that method of advertisement.

Inrepparttar 150226 old paradigm, in order for people to be successful in business, they have to learn fromrepparttar 150227 newspaper, library, hearingrepparttar 150228 story of somebody who is more experienced than them! But not in this era! We live inrepparttar 150229 technology era; you get everything you want to know fromrepparttar 150230 internet. Use it to you advantage! Always remember: those people out there excel much better than others because they choose to learn! So if you want to excel much better than others, start learning!

5. Practice

Leaders emerged out of characters that are persistent. The persistence is what causes these people to never give up. We all know that “practice makes perfect”. But if atrepparttar 150231 moment we thought we will start practicing giving a speech in front of others, we started giving up and we decided not to ever give a speech in front of others, there is no persistence there! Some people are really comfortable speaking in front of hundreds of audience not because they have a special gift! They are able to do that because they have givenrepparttar 150232 speech many many times. They have practiced before they dorepparttar 150233 real speech!

Somebody who is not able to speak in front of a crowd will be able to if they keep practicing and do not give up. Someone who is not able to gain prospect will be able to if they keep practicing. You are able to be a successful network marketer if you KEEP PRACTICING! There is no complicated formula in that, all you have to do is just to keep practicing and be persistent and sooner or later, you will see yourself as a different person, and boy, I am telling you, you will feel good!

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