Would you Steel your household appliances

Written by Donald Grummett

November 2004

Would you steel your appliances? That is a question many consumers are now asking themselves. --------------- The “in” style Stainless steel household appliances arerepparttar “in” style right now. People are being drawn torepparttar 100079 clean look of stainless steel for their kitchens. Stainless steel has becomerepparttar 100080 fastest growing sector of household appliances. Not only for major appliances such as refrigerators and ranges, but even for small items like toasters, kettles, and bread makers. There seems to be no end torepparttar 100081 demand forrepparttar 100082 steel look.

So if a kitchen-remodeling project is in you’re near future then steel may be something you are considering. --------------- Pros and cons

Steel can providerepparttar 100083 consumer with a feeling of strength, simplicity, elegance, and durability, all atrepparttar 100084 same time.

Part of its appeal isrepparttar 100085 commercial or professional look it suggests to people. We are fascinated with, and drawn towards, all things shiny and metallic. To this generation steel suggests: expensive – professional -- status.

Consumers likerepparttar 100086 idea that stainless steel appliances always appear clean, when properly maintained. Also stainless steel is a very durable product. Hence,repparttar 100087 reason it isrepparttar 100088 standard inrepparttar 100089 commercial area, including restaurants. Stainless steel is becomingrepparttar 100090 new “white”. That is, it will go with just about anything else inrepparttar 100091 kitchen. It will match most finishes of cupboards, countertops, and flooring you have chosen. You can match a classic design kitchen with an ultra-modern looking stainless appliance. This is a positive feature that has been discovered by both consumers and designers. One negative about stainless steel is that it is very expensive to produce. So if junior decides to scratchrepparttar 100092 appliance door you should be prepared for a large repair bill.

Also, some people dislikerepparttar 100093 idea of having to work to maintainrepparttar 100094 clean look. Stainless steel does require persistent cleaning. Fingerprints have always been a problem. Special cleaner is used to alleviate this problem. It leaves a light oily residue onrepparttar 100095 steel, which resistsrepparttar 100096 fingerprints.

Rumors say that General Electric and Sears are both about to introduce a new stainless finish they claim will resolve this problem. It will involverepparttar 100097 bonding of a transparent vinyl coating torepparttar 100098 steel panels. If true, this will be a major marketing advantage for these companies, and a boon to consumers.

Free French Wood Preserver

Written by Lee Coleman

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