Would You Like to Know What Your Animal Companion is Thinking and Feeling? Now You Can!

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

Has this happened to you? You know your dog or cat is trying to tell you something, but you can’t figure out what they want. Now you can know what your animal companion is thinking and feeling withrepparttar help of an Animal Communicator.


Animals communicate with us, butrepparttar 125537 means are nonverbal. They don't use words. They growl, bark, chirp, stretch, paw and do other things which have meaning. When you think about it, we humans communicate with one another allrepparttar 125538 time by intuitive and nonverbal means. We sense how someone else is feeling or ‘know’ when a friend is sick, or think of someone only to haverepparttar 125539 phone ring and it’s them. Using our intuition in an intentional way with our animal companions opens doors for nonverbal communication to happen.


Animal Communicators are able to open up this channel for us to understand one another better. But can everyone learn it? Yes, say Animal Communicators.

"Animal communication is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience," says Jacquelin Smith, an Animal Communicator with over 20 years experience ( http://www.jacquelinsmith.com ). She has communicated nationally and internationally with thousands of individuals about their animal companions. "You just need to open, love and listen torepparttar 125540 animals," she says. "Interspecies communication is a natural connection many of us have forgotten. It has nothing to do with being ‘psychic’. Animals desire to be heard. They are even more joyful when they know we want this deeper connection with them."


For example, Jacquelin tells this story: "I was combing my hair and hadrepparttar 125541 image of a dish of cottage cheese appear in my mind. I dismissed it, butrepparttar 125542 image appeared again. I glanced intorepparttar 125543 hallway and saw my cat companion, Chloe, sitting there looking my way. Then I realized she had sent merepparttar 125544 picture of cottage cheese. I had given her cottage cheese forrepparttar 125545 first time several days before this, andrepparttar 125546 picture she sent me was her telling me she wanted more."


"They’re always communicating with us," says Jacquelin. "You just have to explore this intuitive connection and I can show people how." Like any other skill we desire to develop in life, she says, it takes time and practice to become fluent in animal communication.

Late-breaking News About Our Companion, the Dog

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

"Well, you know Labs, they're almost human," I always say when I'm out walking Bailey, my Chocolate Lab, and people stop us. Do you feelrepparttar same way about your dog?

I agree with prize-winning pet columnist obedience herapy dog trainer, Lexiann Grant, who said, "I love [dogs] immensely and cannot imagine my life without them in it. Because of a dog - their emotions and intelligence - I

·Have been lifted from depression ·Found a new, more profound meaning in my life ·Coped successfully with a long recovery from chronic illness ·Learned what is truly important in my daily life ... and what is not ·Know about love freely given and received without judgment"

My client Terry knows about therapy dogs. When her 21 year old son died in an accident, her Retriever was her constant companion. When she would cry, Tansy would push her head into Terry's lap and look up at her.

There are plenty of tales about dogs rescuing families from burning homes without being trained, or, like my grandmother's dog, sitting patiently inrepparttar 125536 lap of aged companions when they could be off playing.

Those of us who have dog companions know what we know, but research has come up with a really fascinating bit of evidence I'd never thought of. See if this ever occurred to you!

The closest other animal to humans genetically would berepparttar 125537 chimp, right? Butrepparttar 125538 fact is, we humans have never made our homes with chimps, so we may be closer to dogs in many ways.

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