Would You Like To Get Into *The Zone*?

Written by Jan Tincher

Do you know what *The Zone* is? The Zone is a place where you are in control, you are on top ofrepparttar situation, you are succeeding effortlessly. Can you remember a specific time and place like that: at work, in sports, at home, or whenever?

Remember it fully. Step into that experience, and as you do, take your time to appreciaterepparttar 131298 state you are now in -- seeing and hearingrepparttar 131299 experience again, feelingrepparttar 131300 things you felt then. Now, noticerepparttar 131301 submodalities --repparttar 131302 sights, sounds, and sensations OFrepparttar 131303 experience. Make a note of them.

Now, clear your mind.

When your mind is clear, select an area in your life in which you already experience confidence, but haven't yet felt a sense of mastery, ofrepparttar 131304 ultimate success. Select one you can vividly see, hear, and feel.

Step intorepparttar 131305 experience and noticerepparttar 131306 submodalities -- sight, sound, and feelings -- there.

Then step out.

Now, rememberrepparttar 131307 submodalities from your mastery experience, andrepparttar 131308 submodalities with this one. Notice which submodalities are different betweenrepparttar 131309 two experiences. Do you see something inrepparttar 131310 first that you donít see inrepparttar 131311 second? Feel something different? Hear something different?

OK, again, clear your mind.

Go back torepparttar 131312 situation you just recalled (the one in which you havenít yet experienced a sense of mastery), and this time transform it intorepparttar 131313 mastery state of mind submodalities. Hear, see, feel what you felt withrepparttar 131314 mastery experience, only now youíre doing it with this experience.

How does this action -- puttingrepparttar 131315 submodalitites of your mastery state of mind into a different situation -- change your perception and feelings? What has changed? In what ways? Take your time to appreciate this newly changed state. Enjoyrepparttar 131316 clarity of mind,repparttar 131317 feeling of totality or wholeness,repparttar 131318 sense of confidence.


Written by Craig Lock

We hope thatrepparttar following article (a short extract from one of my first manuscripts, HOW TO CONQUER STRESS AND NERVOUS TENSION may be informative and helpful to your ezine readers, or on your web site. (There are some amendments to this previously published piece, so replace, if you wish). You have permission to publish (formatted to 60 characters, approx) electronically or in print. If my article helps out others in any way, then I'm very happy.


by Craig Lock

Try to enrich your life at all times. Your life is a gift - so enjoy it torepparttar 131297 absolute fullest. But when things are going well (or so we think), suddenly things go radically wrong and our whole lives get turned upside down.

Why is it that certain people have fewer problems and are less ill than others. They are happier people; because their OUTLOOK ON LIFE is different. I think so. They seem to have a power and control over their own lives. Something I don't seem to have at repparttar 131298 moment - enough negative thoughts, Craig!

The mind influences how we feel, how our body reacts to certain events and chiefly how successful we are in work and play. Therefore, it is a very strong force in our lives. When we first encounter adversity or severe trauma, it is our mind which has to cope withrepparttar 131299 unexpected. We first feel an intense shock, then there is disbelief, an overwhelming numbness, disorientation, consuming pain, panic...and finally exhaustion. These are very real responses for you in a major life crisis, which are difficult for others to understand. These reactions can vary in intensity and duration, depending on your personality make-up. Are you highly strung and an intense and sensitive "little soul", like me? The power ofrepparttar 131300 mind is exemplified with placebos (nice word, that!). An ineffectual glass of water or a pill WILL make you feel better, when you believe it has medicinal properties and CAN help you (this is known as a placebo). They can also relax you more, help you to feel less anxious, fearful and enable you to sleep better. People with cancer can outliverepparttar 131301 predictions of repparttar 131302 medical fraternity, when they have faith and BELIEVE they will get better. Onrepparttar 131303 other hand, on diagnosis of cancer some patient's conditions deteriorate drastically. They have now lost hope of ever getting better. It really is all inrepparttar 131304 mind (our health and everything that happens to us) and depends on our ATTITUDE to life. A positive attitude helps greatly in health and in happiness. If we rather see hardship as a challenge, it will greatly help us to pull through. That's what keeps me going here! I believe that people with strong minds can even postpone death. However, what normally happens in our daily lives? We usually tend to make excuses and find scapegoats for our condition, our "poor" situations. However, I definitely believe obstacles do not have to be insurmountable roadblocks onrepparttar 131305 pathway to achievement, success or happiness - becauserepparttar 131306 mind is a very powerful tool. If used properly, it can be a very strong positive force in our lives.

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