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Written by Ken McIsaac

"A god, invisible but omnipotent. It stealsrepparttar bloom fromrepparttar 126352 cheek and lightness fromrepparttar 126353 pulse; it takes awayrepparttar 126354 appetite and turnsrepparttar 126355 hair gray." - Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

It does a lot more than that, Benjamin! The harm that worry causes in our lives has been well documented by many writers, health professionals, and philosophers. Worry can weaken and sicken us, and turn our days into nightmares. Atrepparttar 126356 very least, it prevents us from living fully and happilyrepparttar 126357 only life that we will ever have. At it's worse, it is a killer.

There are numerous ideas that help to reduce or eliminate worry andrepparttar 126358 symptoms associated with it. Many ofrepparttar 126359 pages in this collection present different topics for consideration in a program to live a happy life with a minimum of worry.

Worrying over things that 'might' happen can waste large portions of one's life, considering that so often it is for nothing, and almost certainly does no good.

We Aim To Please

Written by John Boe

A working understanding of temperament styles (personality types) will have a profound impact onrepparttar way you perceive yourself and will greatly enhance all of your relationships. If you are a salesperson, this information will significantly increase your sales effectiveness by enabling you to build trust and rapport quickly with your prospects and customers. Business owners and managers find this knowledge invaluable. It can improverepparttar 126351 way you supervise your employees and allow you to recruit more effectively. As a parent, it can dramatically improverepparttar 126352 way you relate to your children. If you are single, it can provide you insight into selecting a compatible mate.

Hippocrates,repparttar 126353 father of medicine, has been credited with originatingrepparttar 126354 basic theory of temperament styles twenty-four hundred years ago. Hippocrates believed that we are born with a combination of four genetic influences that he called humors; Choleric (Worker), Sanguine (Talker), Phlegmatic (Watcher), and Melancholy (Thinker). He observed that these four styles have a direct influence on our physiology, character traits and outlook on life. In fact,repparttar 126355 word temperament which is commonly used to describe personality types is a Latin term which means, ďa mixing in due portion.Ē While we are each born with a primary temperament, our personality is comprised of all four styles. My temperament training system gives yourepparttar 126356 tools and knowledge to recognize a personís primary temperament style through observation. Each primary temperament style exhibits a body language preference and has distinctive physical features and characteristics that are neither gender, race, nor age specific. This is a significant breakthrough inrepparttar 126357 study of temperament understanding because it is a practical system that can be used with everyone you meet. My temperament-training program allows you to put this information to use in your day-to-day encounters fromrepparttar 126358 boardroom torepparttar 126359 kitchen table. This article showcasesrepparttar 126360 Phlegmatic/Watcher temperament style.

The Watcher temperament style isrepparttar 126361 S inrepparttar 126362 D.I.S.C. temperament profiling system. The Watcher is introverted, seeks harmony and their primary need is to accommodate others. This temperament is service oriented, dependable and unemotional. When interacting with others they warm up slowly, but are always cordial and accommodating. They are peacemakers and avoid confrontations by negotiating when possible. Their calm manner and unexcitable nature is a major asset. They have an innate ability to defuse hostile situations and soothe ruffled feathers. Watchers often have a nervous laugh that they use to create a sense of harmony when ending a conversation. They have difficulty accepting compliments or praise and become embarrassed when they are maderepparttar 126363 center of attention. Watchers are bashful and it is not uncommon for them to partially hide their face in a group photograph. Family and home life is extremely important torepparttar 126364 Watcher and they protect their privacy.

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