Worried About Red Digots?

Written by Tim Dilley

The DXPortfolio works on a unique calculation platform, which derives activity and increases fromrepparttar supply and demand activity ofrepparttar 146531 DXSystem.

Every EOS, a series of complex calculations are preformed to determain each Digot Symbol increase and credits. These increases and credits are then applied to all applicable DXPortfolios that hold Digots inrepparttar 146532 Digot Sysmbol.

Followingrepparttar 146533 EOS calculations for each DXPortfolio, they are then assigned with their allocated DXDebit. A DXPortfolio's DXDebit is a calculation from their current Total Digot Value multiplied by their DXDebit Allocation percentage and thenrepparttar 146534 result of this less their Credit Line.

More information aboutrepparttar 146535 various functions and areas ofrepparttar 146536 DXPortfolios will be provided inrepparttar 146537 DXPortfolio pages ofrepparttar 146538 DXSystem. DXHelp Topic ID: 489 Revised: Monday April 25th 2005 7:16:09 PM

Critical Mass?

Written by Tim Dilley

Has anyone done any research on what I callrepparttar critical mass of a portfolio? By critical mass, I mean at what point can you quit buying digots and have your port keep increasing in TDV by let's say a $100 bucks a day? Would that be around 100,000? Would that mean that your portfolio would double every year without buying any digots?

Stragey: Keep buying digots like mad untill you've reached your critical mass goal. Don't worry about digots inrepparttar 146530 red. If you hold off on

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