World of Website Promotion

Written by Pushkar Pathak

Website promotion is a big and ongoing process. Every person who has website should have little knowledge about various elements involved in website promotion even if he had hired a SEO. In this series of articles I had tried to give an overview of allrepparttar entities of search engine promotion.

Title Add title here The title of an HTML page helps users keep track of what they're viewing as they browse, and it also identifiesrepparttar 150173 page in history and bookmark lists. If you don't title a page,repparttar 150174 page will appear inrepparttar 150175 browser window, bookmark lists, and history lists as Untitled Document.

Search engines also read as a user and identifiesrepparttar 150176 page from its title. Therefore, keywords in title help in getting good ranking in search engines. Title must not contain more than 80 words. It must be limited to 10-15 words with company name, product name and four words brief.

Keywords Many search-engine robots readrepparttar 150177 contents ofrepparttar 150178 Keywords META tag and userepparttar 150179 information to index your pages in their databases. Some search engines put a limit onrepparttar 150180 number of keywords or characters they will index, and some ignore all keywords if you go beyondrepparttar 150181 limit. For this reason it's a good idea to limit your keywords to a few well-chosen words.

It is recommended to limit keywords to 255 characters, all followed by a comma with no space afterrepparttar 150182 comma. Put most important keywords first with different variations like capitalized and lowercase.

Description Many search-engine robots readrepparttar 150183 contents ofrepparttar 150184 Description META tag. Some userepparttar 150185 information to index your pages in their databases, and some also displayrepparttar 150186 information belowrepparttar 150187 link to your page inrepparttar 150188 search results instead ofrepparttar 150189 first few lines of your document. Some search engines put a limit onrepparttar 150190 number of characters they will index, so it's a good idea to limit your description to 500-700 characters.

An Easy Way To Include RSS In A Web Site

Written by Lil Waldner

RSS has become a very important issue for web site promotion. This method helps to update web sites daily. A web site will always look actual.

Why is RSS important?

Visitors like always fresh content on a web site. A web site is attractive, if there is always something new on it. RSS is a more and more important tool inrepparttar field of Search Engine Optimization. Important search engines and their crawlers prefer web sites that display fresh content periodically to web sites that remain static. A web site should be updated daily or at least weekly. Web sites that often show new content have a better chance of getting indexed and ranked high in search engines.

Definition of RSS and XML

The acronym RSS means either Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is is a format for syndicating news andrepparttar 150172 content of news-like sites. It has been originally developped by Netscape. RSS is an XML-based format and XML means Extensible Markup Language.

How can RSS be used practically?

A web site owner can use RSS in order to import news, articles ore permanently refreshed marketing offers in a website. There are several sources inrepparttar 150173 internet to feed a web site with fresh content. Advanced webmasters who know XML can create and update their own content to their web site daily.

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