World Wide Fishing Flies

Written by Mark Hunter

World Wide Fishing Flies create a full range of traditionally dressed flies for anglers all overrepparttar world. With over 16 years experience in hand tying all types of flies you can be sure thatrepparttar 140749 patterns tied will be as authentic as possible.

Tarpon Fishing and Catching The Elusive Silver King - Megalops Atlanticus

Written by Greg Smith

Learn more about this magnificent ocean creature at Growing to lengths of more than eight feet and weighing more than 280 pounds, it is easy to see whyrepparttar tarpon is one ofrepparttar 140728 most sought after saltwater gamefish inrepparttar 140729 world. It's habitat is close torepparttar 140730 shoreline so fishermen of all types and skill levels can catch them.

If you have ever hadrepparttar 140731 priviledge of hooking up on a big tarpon then you knowrepparttar 140732 exhilaration and thrill of testing yourself in battle against one ofrepparttar 140733 most sought after gamefish inrepparttar 140734 world. This distinction is easy to see at first glance asrepparttar 140735 tarpon starts a series of spectacular acrobatic leaps inrepparttar 140736 air that will have your heart pounding, your rod bending and your drag screaming. You better hold on!

Sincerepparttar 140737 tarpon's habitat is so close torepparttar 140738 shoreline, fishermen of all types and skill levels can catch them. They can be caught from jetties, passes, docks, bridges, beaches, piers and rivers. Tarpon can be caught while using many types of tackle, rods, baits, lures and rigs either while fishing from a boat, canoe, kayak or walking and wading fromrepparttar 140739 shoreline asrepparttar 140740 tarpon work up and downrepparttar 140741 beaches.

Live bait fishermen's bait of choice isrepparttar 140742 'dollar crab'. A small live blue crab about two inches across its carapace, hooked through one end of it's shell or underneath through a swimmer leg. Other extremely effective live baits include pinfish, threadfin herrings and pilchards. On days whenrepparttar 140743 tarpon is being finicky in it's tablefare selection, try these forrepparttar 140744 best results, and oh, byrepparttar 140745 way, don't forget about a live mullet. If you can get them, use them. Flyfishermen are not left out either. The stealth of castingrepparttar 140746 right fly can sometimes berepparttar 140747 trick to hooking up.

But Just What is a Tarpon?

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Elopiformes Family: Megalopidae Genus: Megalops

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