World Renown Psychic Rhiannon Waits's predictions fulfilled, Message for Kobe Bryant

Written by Rhiannon Waits accurately predicted the New York Black out and the bombing in Iraq recently. Now Rhiannon gives us another prediction and sends a message concerning Kobe Bryant.

Rhiannon, (World Renown psychic who has amazed both skeptics andrepparttar Psychic world) is again making predictions. Her last prediction, a major blackout would occur and New York would become dark in August, has been fulfilled.

This time Rhiannon is predicting a major hurricane will hitrepparttar 122375 panhandle region ofrepparttar 122376 United States byrepparttar 122377 end September, beginning of October. Areas she feel may be affected and are at high risk are Florida, Alabama or Louisiana. She is releasing this information now, so people in that area can make preparations forrepparttar 122378 Hurricane that she predicts may hit their area. Rhiannon cautions that not all her visions are 100% correct However, I feel, her averages on accuracy have made her predictions extremely noteworthy to all.

Rhiannon also states that Kobe Bryant is innocent ofrepparttar 122379 charges pending against him. When asked why these charges were implemented if he is innocent, her reply was” Things are not always what they appear to be”. Rhiannon further states, “ Kobe Bryant made a mistake but he never forced anyone to do anything. He is a kind and compassionate man who loves his family dearly. I am not a sports fan, so I am not being swayed by dedication torepparttar 122380 sport. I read Mr. Bryant on TV and my heart went out to him and his family”. When asked to elaborate on her statement, she replied, “ This is something I will not reveal torepparttar 122381 general public”.

The Plant Fairy Speaks

Written by Keith Varnum

"Why is direct connection to beings in other dimensions a natural ability for a few people and yet seemingly impossible for so many others?"

A piece of this puzzle revealed itself to me during a casual conversation with a dear friend. Lois is a delightful, adventurous, spunky woman well into her eighties. She shared how she'd been opening up spiritually for sixty years, but was still unable to see or talk with her spirit guides-St. Germain, Jesus and Sai Baba-or with angels and nature spirits.

"So many times I'll feel a warmth akin to a presence inrepparttar room with me. The connection gives me a vivid sense of serenity and comfort. But that's as far as it goes."

Questioning her, I learned she sometimes feel an energy emanating from her plants, but is never able to seerepparttar 122374 plant's aura or subtle body, or to have a dialogue withrepparttar 122375 spirit ofrepparttar 122376 plant.

"Keith," she implored, "How do I do it? How can I connect with my guides and my plants in a more conscious and meaningful way?"

Her expression and words were so poignant. Then a faint glow began to radiate fromrepparttar 122377 little houseplant she had onrepparttar 122378 breakfast table. As Lois continued to express her longing to interact more directly with nonphysical friends,repparttar 122379 light atrepparttar 122380 center ofrepparttar 122381 plant shown brighter and brighter.

I knewrepparttar 122382 light wasrepparttar 122383 deva,repparttar 122384 nature spirit, of this plant. Upon my recognition of its presence,repparttar 122385 fairy deva shone so brilliantly it almost hurt my eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, this dramatic light demonstration was a direct response to Lois' prayers and desires. I speculated to myself, This is great. Here's her answer. Thank you, Spirit! Pointing torepparttar 122386 brilliant glow radiating fromrepparttar 122387 heart ofrepparttar 122388 plant, I exclaimed, "Well, there you go! There's your answer."

Lois said nothing. She simply sat there with a puzzled look on her face, staring inrepparttar 122389 direction of my outstretched finger. " What answer? I don't see anything unusual. I don't understand what you're pointing at!"

She didn't seerepparttar 122390 light. She saw nothing! "What about that light there, Lois," I coached. "That deva, that fairy, that glow?"

She strained and squinted. She still didn't see anything unusual.

I urged, "Do you sense anything? Do you feel a presence, a warmth, any unusual sensation at all?"

Discouraged, she sighed and responded, "No, nothing."

By now I was perplexed and becoming extremely frustrated. I asked my inner knowing, "How can I help her?" The plant spirit spoke right up:

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