World Poker Tour -- The Beginning of a Phenomenon

Written by Tom Howze

World Poker Tour high stakes poker tournaments started a revolution inrepparttar wayrepparttar 125394 game is viewed, enjoyed, followed and played. Even thoughrepparttar 125395 World Series of Poker had been televised for years beforerepparttar 125396 World Poker Tour (WPT),repparttar 125397 game of poker was elevated when "WPT cams" were placed aroundrepparttar 125398 table so thatrepparttar 125399 world could experience seeing what handrepparttar 125400 players were playing and become emotionally involved inrepparttar 125401 decisions that were being made. When you addrepparttar 125402 fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars are laid out onrepparttar 125403 table with watching a few "instant millionaires" being made at these events,repparttar 125404 world was hooked. But when word got out that anyone could challenge repparttar 125405 planet's top poker player for six to seven-figure piles of money, individuals from all over came out to take uprepparttar 125406 challenge.

The WPT is made up of a number of high stakes poker tournaments held in different locations all overrepparttar 125407 globe. They are open to anyone willing to payrepparttar 125408 entry fee, sometimes as high as $25,000 per seat. A person who wishes to enter any of these events can simply contactrepparttar 125409 casino hostingrepparttar 125410 event to do so. WPT CEO Steven Lipscomb startedrepparttar 125411 idea of televised poker events withrepparttar 125412 WPT cams on cable back in February 2002. The breakaway success of this idea spawned many similar ideas and has inspired numerous land based casinos that had closed their poker rooms after dismissing poker as financially not worthrepparttar 125413 effort, to reopen them. Today, on top of seeingrepparttar 125414 best ofrepparttar 125415 best in poker you can see millionaires, CEO's, rocket scientists , software kings, mathematicians, women and actors atrepparttar 125416 tables shoulder to shoulder competing to see who isrepparttar 125417 best. And on occasion, you can see an amateur beating a seasoned professional which sends out a resounding message that anyone can win.

What Sets Chinese Painting Apart From Western Painting

Written by Ernesto Apomayta

Title: What Sets Chinese Painting Apart From Western Painting Author: Ernesto Apomayta Email: Word Count: 550 Copyright 2004© Ernesto Apomayta Web address

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What Sets Chinese Painting Apart From Western Painting By Ernesto Apomayta

Because of different instruments, materials and cultural background, Chinese paintings have their own image and content in comparison to other types of paintings. Unique appearance of Chinese Painting owes much torepparttar 125394 use ofrepparttar 125395 Chinese writing brush andrepparttar 125396 Chinese paper (rice and silk). There are four essential elements used inrepparttar 125397 creation of Chinese Painting,repparttar 125398 brush, ink, paper, andrepparttar 125399 ink stone. Lacking any of themrepparttar 125400 job cannot be done.

The most important factors for Chinese Painting arerepparttar 125401 special pedagogy,repparttar 125402 close relationship withrepparttar 125403 painterís personality andrepparttar 125404 unique Chinese philosophy. They are trained not only to conveyrepparttar 125405 objects but also expressrepparttar 125406 mood andrepparttar 125407 spirit ofrepparttar 125408 subject. The Chinese also believe thatrepparttar 125409 painting isrepparttar 125410 expression ofrepparttar 125411 painterís knowledge and temperament. In this way, Chinese Painting becomes something much more than art.

The most essential philosophy of China isrepparttar 125412 unity of Heaven, Earth and Human Beings. Whatrepparttar 125413 Chinese Painters are trying to express is not what meetsrepparttar 125414 eye, but their attitude torepparttar 125415 Great Nature. The Chinese painter has a profound love and admiration for nature. It is part of their culture, religious practices and their need to depend on nature to survive.

In relationship to human and animal figures,repparttar 125416 Chinese painter utilizesrepparttar 125417 forms he finds in nature, such as ovals, circles, and geometric lines which are found also found in Chinese calligraphy. Thus, all Chinese paintings whether they are landscapes orrepparttar 125418 human figure are painted withrepparttar 125419 same movement, rhythm, and harmony that is used when drawingrepparttar 125420 forms of calligraphy. Calligraphy is a form of art, even more revered and honored than all other painting.

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